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Joy, Peace, and Love! -- don't save it all for Christmas!

Today was the Christmas service for my church! You could feel the sincere, jubilant spirits in that theater! We lifted our voices high rejoicing over the first coming and waiting in expectation for the 2nd! During the sermon the pastor preached on so many truths that it was too overwhelming to remember! However, at the time, I felt convicted! When the sermon was over, we did our normal routine of the after-sermon, first we said the Nicene Creed--in which I felt more courage and joy when speaking those words than I had ever felt!

"We believe in one God,
the Father, the Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all that is, seen and unseen. 
We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father,
God from God, light from light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
of one Being with the Father;
through him all things were made.
For us and for our salvation
he came down from heaven,

Cuz I'm Arianna and I CAN clean (yet again!)! ;-)

Well, today was a very busy, busy day--and quite strange too! It all started last night--when I went to bed at 2:40am after working on Kingdom Commandos [UNITED!]! In the time that was spent obsessing over perfection in this template, I lost track of time--then I had to yank myself off the pc.... later, I woke up at 7:50am and the first thing I do is go back to doing what I did the night before--and chat with Eli.... :-P So, once I finished talking with him, I went to the fridge in the rec room--where my daddy's studio, the laundry room, the big freezer, and a 2nd fridge is(everything but daddy's studio was in a compact area....) I went into the fridge and got a rather enlarged piece of cake..... 
Well, that speaks for itself, huh? For lunch I had only a small peanut butter sammich and later--at 2:30pm, I started work on my bedroom--mum had told me to clean my side, only.... and not bother with Aneira's stuff....and I said that I was only gonna tidy up a bit--well, being …

Films, Music, and Books! The suite life for a mediaholic!

Well, as promised, I watched Most! It was a very heart-wrenching short film. However, there were some humorous moments in it! I'm gonna review it below:

Most(Czech for "The Bridge") is a visually enthralling, 21st-century parable about a loving father, his young son, and the fateful day when they attempt to head off an impending rail disaster. Hundreds of passengers aboard an oncoming steam train are completely unaware of the danger that looms as they head towards an open drawbridge. A desperate young woman witnesses an act of mercy beyond imagination, changing her life forever--and the lives of all who see this story. Both heart wrenching and glorious Most vividly portrays the greatest offering of love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness known to man.
This beautiful story made me cry so much! Also, with some humorous conversations as

Czech Woman(in English): "I do love you.....but I am too beautiful for you..... Goodbye, ___________ of America! Do you want a kiss befo…

Mini Oreos, Ranch, and a wee bit of ADVENTURE!

Alright, today was quite the strange day. First, I had about 10 big scoops of ice cream(it started out as 4, then my sis gave me hers....) and all day I went bonkers! I had impulses like crazy(most of which I resisted and avoided like the plague). Then that one fateful moment in the evening, it was supper time and I experimented with something revolting.... >.> Well, not everything can be as successful as peanut butter and tomato sammiches, grits with ranch, ketchup and mustard on pancakes, chips(fries) and mayo, pizza dipped in ranch, and fish fingers and custard, I suppose.... 'Cuz once I dipped those mini oreos in the ranch I doomed myself to a tummy ache the rest of the evening! I had said, "Ranch makes everything taste better!" and my sister had those mini oreos.... I asked for an oreo and she suspected what I was about to do, so she said, "You aren't gonna put ranch in it are you?" and so I replied in my most mischievous voice ever, "Oh, no…

Hear ye! Hear ye! News from my family to you!

It's my little sister, Aneira's 11th birthday......that's right 11th. birthday! I know she is excited about it, and somehow I really want to grab myself an age-alterer and take her back a year. You know when public schools hold you back a grade, when you haven't had good grades? I want to hold her back a year, since I like her better and a 10-yr-old--mostly......

At the party, Daddy gave me one tiny little scoop of egg nog ice cream and enny teeny piece of cake. I looked around and everyone else had larger amounts. I chuckled to myself and realized that Daddy was enforcing a controlled amount of sugar intake. Aneira had one of the best birthdays she's ever had. She now wants to be a "big girl" and tie her own sash around her from her dress, get her own dishes, and even do dishes as her next chore! She is really enthusiastic now.... let's see how she does when she's done it for about 3-4 days.... **chuckles**

She was quite excited about the gifts…

An Exciting Christmas Day!

Today was a very beautiful day!

Aric got a $50 Gamestop Gift card(from our parents)!Aneira got M&M's, Chocolate Santa, and a Disney Princess candy cane, a Disney Princess sleeping bag, and Epic Mickey 2 Video Game(from our parents)!I got two iTunes Gift Cards and the Academy Award Nominee Live Action Short - 2004, Most(from my parents)! I also received the cutest little stuffed cat made with a flowery pattern from my little sister!Daddy got a Doctor Who fob watch (a real watch, made of plastic, complete with voices and sound effects), and a set of Celtic dice(from Mum)!Mum got a Doctor Who TARDIS teapot and a Doctor Who Salt and Pepper shaker set--a Dalek and TARDIS-- (from Daddy)Even the cats got a gift(even though it was yesterday). They got every cat's first love, cat nip!
First Day of Christmas Gift Our very own Christmas ornament-- I got a lavender Christmas tree-shaped one, Aneira got a blue star-shaped ornament of bells, and Aric got a red Christmas tree-shaped one.

No Room For Our King?

Merry Christmas to all! A beautiful day has begun! Last night, we were closer to one another than we would've if the power hadn't gone out! We goofed off, we ate shepherd's pie, we opened one gift for each of us(Aric got a pair of nifty gloves, Aneira got some lovely playdough, I got the film, To Save a Life and a book Dare to Make a Difference in Your School (and Life) By the creators of the film--all from our parents!-- Daddy got a green jar, and Mum got cappuccino--from Aric and Aneira!-- and let's not forget the poem I wrote the night before!)

The jokes that came along with the green jar left the whole family in a fit of giggles. Daddy smiled and then had this conversation with Aric and Aneira:

Daddy: Oh, look an urn!
Aric: **ignores the comment** We thought you'd like that. I tried to find something to put in it, but everything was too big for it!
Daddy: Well, when I die you can point at that jar and say, "This, here's my Pa!"
Aric: If you want t…

Merry CHRISTmas Eve to my Brothers-and-Sisters-in-CHRIST!

For thirteen days I'll write a gift for my readers, here on my blog! They will either be proses/poems/songs/short stories (all short enough to be done in ONE night! Then I'll post it here the next day!) Before you go and open the gifts around that tree of yours (or nativity set, in some cases.....) Remember, Christmas isn't about the gifts wrapped in paper, bows of ribbons topping each of them. Nor is it about the mistletoe, a snow-laden ground(remember, that is mostly a western belief! There are some countries who celebrate Christmas in the middle of Summer!). It is about the Jewish Messiah, wrapped in a manger, in a stable in the little town of Bethlehem!

Mission Write-a-Gift #1:

I wrote this last night, I'm hoping you  enjoy it as much as I wrote it! It is titled One Night by the Tree!

One night by the tree
In which the string of lights are hung
One night to remember Thee
In songs and carols, sweetly sung

One night by the tree
Where presents wrapped away are lain

Hobbits, Cute Guys and Hats.....OH MY!

Well, I was investigating too many things at once and now I'm all nerdy-and-preppy-like all at the same time! I am quite excited about The Hobbit, I would really like to watch it soooooon! I'm thoroughly enjoying the soundtrack.... I'm not normally one to listen to soundtracks, but I am absolutely addicted to this soundtrack(kind of like I got addicted to Brave's, Princess and the Frog's, Chronicles of Narnia's, Harry Potter's, and my childhood favorite, Lord of the Rings'!) It is a very compelling soundtrack, compels me to WRITE!

Somewhat off-subject but, similar to the topic, I am wondering if I should watch 13th Warrior, Braveheart, Tin Man, and Snowhite and the Huntsman(haven't watched any of those films, but I am quite curious if they are good. Does anyone know these movies? Have you guys watched it? Are they good?)

Also, I went all preppy-fan-girl-squeal just a moment ago. I was watching a certain video over and over, it was a song by NEEDTOBR…

Lift High His Glorious Name!

Today, I shall be fasting, praying fervently, delving into Scripture, and singing praise unto the Lord! I shall pray for spiritual revival in the U.S. Also, I shall pray for the comfort and healing of a couple of my friends, praying, also, for the the catholic and apostolic church to reach out their hand in the love of Christ to all in need of it. I have read Acts Chapter. I encourage you all to join me in fasting and praying unto the Lord. God's mercy, grace, and love will fall over you like a sweet spring rain!

The peace of the Lord be with you!

Lost in the world of thought,
Arianna Schaffer

Open 'Em Eyes to Love!

An update on how everything is going should really please my audience. It's like I let you guys know what things I plan to do in the present to look on the future with expectation, then all of a sudden I disappear off the face of the world of Imagine Nation! Well, I have returned with a very intense drone on what it's been like since November 1st.

Scripture: I have been going intense on my scripture reading. My partner in that had sort of released me to make my own way through the Word. I have officially read through 1 Peter, James, 1 John, Ephesians, Matthew, Ruth, and Zephaniah. I have only just begun the book of Acts and soon will go to the book of Esther. At this rate, my heart shall be more prepared for the book of Revelation sooner than I had expected!

Homeschool: It is almost the end of December, and I am no further along in my studies than I was in November. I personally have come to the realization that I might be here longer than I really wanted. Don't get me wro…

To the Shattered Hearts

My name is Melody Gael, I created this blog for those whose hearts have shattered, like broken glass scattered in pieces on the floor. I hope this ministry will uplift and encourage you to be strong!

I wrote this just now. I was inspired by an incident, which made me self-destruct, like a maddened robot! A special thank you to my friend, Eli, for holding me accountable. And this is dedicated to my dear beloved sister, the Starlit Knight!

Have you ever felt that inward pain?
Crying out in the tears of the rain?
Do you trust that when your sins are lain (on Christ)
You will have an everlasting flame?

And the bloodstained marks shall take form
Making you bleed and feel like a worm
Do you need love when your heart is torn?
If you do, will you be forlorn?

And the fear shall dilate these eyes
When you see yourself and make up lies
Can you break through these darkened ties?
Run to Him who shall give you life?

Have you ever felt that inward pain
Be washed clean by His healing rain?
Putting your trust in Chri…

Heyo, peeps!

"Oh ho ho... brilliant! It's you! You're my favorite, you are. You are the best. You know why? 'Cause you're so thick! You're Mr. Thick Thick Thickety Thickface from Thicktown. Thickania! ... And so's your dad." ~The Doctor~

Hey, guys! Life has been really a struggle! I have a lot of stuff to do-- that being (from priority 1 and on):

1. Scripture!!! I've been getting into the Word of God for a couple of weeks with a great friend, and it's been a wonderful journey, taking me in and out of the fields of gold and to send me on my way to fight for my faith. It is an amazing battle that has changed the way I think and the way I act. I have never known strength like this. Thanks be to God, Alleluia!!!!

2. Homework! Whoa!!!! Lots of homework in so little time! A years worth of schoolwork (in each subject) to do in two months--aye that's what I said: TWO MONTHS!!!!!!! I am getting help from another good friend and promised my mother tha…

Coffee, Choco, and Cute! OH MY!

Today, I've been craving chocolate and coffee..... and it's been a interesting.... I want to wear a cowboy hat, shades, and old fashioned country boots and knee-length skirt and button-up calico shirt and vest! Then I want a cup o' good 'ole fashioned coffee.... with a bar of chocolate! But..... I must say:

Bacon and chocolate separately is great, but who would eat it together? SOMEONE must cuz below is a picture of some Mummy and I found a while back at Whole Food.....

 Below here is a mug that Mummy took a picture of a while back.... Just right for my good 'ole fashioned coffee.....<3333

And the cute has arrived..... **drumroll please** MY LITTLE PONY! :3 Yup, I like that show! It's CUTE!

Lost in the world of thought,
Arianna (Mari) Joy

Book of Kells

Why am I talking about the Book of Kells? Well! I watched the film "The Secret of Kells" and thought I'd post a bit about what it inspired me for my NaNoWriMo story! An illuminator (the girl who stuck to Myrra) that can make illuminations that come alive (quite literally). They will come out of the pages and do the artisans' will. Also, I thought of a name for the girl sticking with Myrra... Her name shall be Kallah!

Here is a track from the soundtrack of "The Secret of Kells"

Lost in the world of thought,
Arianna (Mari) Joy

Gusts of Color - Lost in the World of Thought

I wrote/drew a poem and picture sometime ago, and I just found it in an old bag... There is no telling how old this drawing/poem is...I am very proud of it! It's called "H.A.S.H." The words on the picture is very blurred so I copied it below the pic!

"Healing a shattered heart
For pain is deep as the scars
Inside a deepness He comes to me
Healing my shattered heart
He holds my heart
And takes my broken chains
Saving my life for His glory
Healing waters dipping in love
HEAL MY SHATTERED HEART!"  © 2012 Mari J. Fahel (Arianna Joy)

I also plan to write in NaNoWriMo still, and I have the plot of the book I'm writing for it! To get you on the edge of your seats:
In a land where nothing is as it seems, there was an oddity in a city. Her name was Myrra Camon, she was always feared for one thing that gave her a life unlike any other. These artisans looked down upon the abilities of this girl. For her arts were a danger to the entire city. Goldenhands have the powe…

Waiting for His Plan to Unfold

For those who wait.... a life of persevering patience. We wait each day for God's plan to unfold. And a very important person in my life has accepted Christ as his Savior. After so long of fervent prayers, waiting, longing to see his comeback, we have found there is hope in only One... And he has found it too.... As I once said before, Even the hardest heart can break and be changed in Christ's hands. Remember, prayer is powerful as long as we have faith to believe in it. God's there, even when others shove that off. We are not alone in this!

Lost in the world of thoughts,
Arianna (Mari)

That Good 'ole Rock 'n' Roll!

Hey, guys! I wanted to letcha all know that I'm not going to move to Indiana after all.... heh! A lot of things were preventing it or made it more difficult to pull off.... But, I also wanted to state my top five favorite bands!

5 - Petra

4 - Skillet

3 - Whiteheart

2 - RED

1 - Thousand Foot Krutch

Each of these bands' styles of music breathe into my soul and pump the blood through my spiritual body! I enjoy their music a lot! My top favorite being TFK! <3333

That good 'ole rock 'n' roll is in my heart and soul to stay!!!! <3333 ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Preferring to look mad,
♫ ♪ Mari J. Fahel ♫ ♪

Life IS Change

Well, within 6 months I have to be graduated, have a license, and then GET A LIFE! I'm planning on moving out of South Carolina and into Indiana!  I'll be rooming with a dear dear friend.... after saying goodbye to me dear friends and family from SC... We are planning to have 6 months together then she'll leave to marry her fiance! Meanwhile I'll be really working toward getting graduated and then I'll pack my things and move on out.... To my dear friends out there, please be praying for me that I might be able to do this.... I've never lived outside of SC, so this is a big step for me.... And saying goodbye to my family and friends will be hard....

Also, lately, depression has gripped it's ugly claws over my heart.... I need prayers that I'll get through this... I definitely don't want to be as whiny as Bella from Twilight.... I'm not falling into that deep of a depression though.... but I'm doing a lot of stupid things to cope.....I found …

Chocolate Syrup to Top the Nutty Sundae

**walks in with cowboy hat on** Yup, I've gone awesome.... **tips hat to a man** Whoops too weird, eh? **throws hat off**  I should be in bed.... x3 but I am struggling with meself too hard to sleep! **twiddles with shirt** Well, today was one of those epic days.... My buddy ol' pal, Eli made himself his very own personal blog! Congratulate him on his success over there, guys! Also, I talked to one of me good, good friends.... she told me a story she had written.... IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Also, I'm getting back into anime.... I can join me anime buddies again to just rant about how Gaara's creepy ways turned to the silent gentlemen he had become. WOOHOO!!!! Then we can rant about how Kyo and Yuki are always at it HAH! THEN we can rant about how there should be a Scotland in Hetalia awh maaaan!

Then there's my 6-month dedication to "The Guardian's Chorus".... I have decided to take a break on November for.... **drumroll please** NaNoWriMo!!!!!! Ja, guys I&#…

"Awh... poor wee lamb..."

Don't worry, people! I still live! I have returned to the blogging world and am in the midst of writing a book with my dear friend, Eli! The book is titled The Guardian's Chorus! Eli's editing and writing in the story! I'll allow ye to read a wee bit of it, ladies and gentlemen!

A little girl crawled into the brushes with her thick stick in her hand as she heard the marching of an older boy. As she crawled closer to the sounds of his marching a snap of a twig quitted the deliberate steps, which made the tween boy chortle, “Now, what could that have been?”

The little girl giggled and stood up and screamed, “CHARGE!” and charged after the boy who lifted his stick and blocked hers.

They whacked at the sticks as the girl tried her best to hit this older boy when a stern voice made her jump, “Kaitra Joy!”

The little girl froze in her movements as the boy froze as well. The two of them stood up straight and turned to the woman with her hands on her hips.

“Young lady,…

A Song for a Friend

I love you, Beloved Sister.... I know you are going through a lot.... but remember this and have hope and faith in the impossible <333 it's not a feeling it's a state of being <3333

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel

Disorderly and Proud

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries ~A.A Milne~

Well, lately I've been making cool discoveries of my own. And I wanted to relay some of them... We found a bag and it had some cameras inside it a video one and a film one.... It makes me wanna take them and use them... Even if their old! HAH! I also spent some time watching Fireproof.... the end is my favorite part!

I also have rediscovered a spiritual gift that lay dormant for a little while... I exhorted a friend and I am not only feeling at peace and joyful, but I want to worship God! :-D

I also want to remind you guys of this one thing... By one song! <3333

Remember that! Even the hardest heart can break and be changed! <3333

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel

Mr. Mirror

I wrote a poem today called "Mr. Mirror". The whole point to the poem is that the mirror lies and God never lies.... I wrote it with the hope that someone would read it and not like it for the words written nor the rhythm of the poem.... but would like it for the message that I was trying to get across....
Hello there, Mr. Mirror
I know you whisper words and tips
So where could this go wrong?

Hello there, Doctor Lover
I desired fools
But now I see these words and tips
Will start to eat my soul

Dear Father, God above
Backs were turned to You
Even though Your still small voice
Is what we longed from You

Dear Jesus Christ, in me
I longed to know You
But every time I tried to
I chased what was untrue

Hello there, Mr. Mirror
Decision was made
I will not let your words and tips
Compromise this good trade

Hello there, Doctor Lover
I traded your lies
For a Greater Truth from my Lord
My house you can’t come by!

Dear Father, God above
I am ever Yours
Take me along Your lovely beac…

You May Not Know This But...

Today is the only day we can make decisions.... Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't guaranteed... and we always act like tomorrow is gonna come all the time and yesterday needs peeking at once more. Look everyone today is a gift! If you want less time looking at past wrongs and fearing the future... keep your head in the game! Life is amazing and each day you  make decisions they all have consequences... Remember that God gave you your breath for today and remember that He can quit your heart right now... be grateful for the blessed present that you have received! You've got many blessings and even the poorest man is blessed... Just Remember that before you turn to face the past and make decisions for tomorrow.... tomorrow never comes we only got now!

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel

A Day To Remember

Today it will dawn another year that God was gracious and sent me my daddy. Mommy and Daddy got married this the 3rd of July! To Remember their wedding I would like to tell you a little bit about my parents...

Mommy was always there, even for the 5 years of no father. She sacrificed a lot for me and my brother. And now after 13 years... She gained much more than a husband that day... She gained a man who was already a good friend to her. A good friend who would stand by her even when the road got rough.

And now Daddy.... It seems like he was always in our lives even though for 5 years of my life he wasn't... I remember what he has sacrificed for me. And I remember what love he has for me... He gave each child of his a name that meant he cherished us.... Aric is his #1 son and I am the Apple of his eye and Aneira is Daddy's little girl...

Mommy and Daddy I love you and on this day remember the vows you made to each other before God. And remember the years you grew more in love.…

Drop your weapons! Cuz I've got the dreaded pen!

Hey, guys! I just want to introduce myself.... I am Mari Fahel the Child of the Ocean and of the Gaelic Chorus of Thunder!  I am 18.... Might as well say I'm 19 since in 20 days I'll be that age! I'm a Nutty Sundae and my marbles belong on the floor of my mind for me to trip over and lose all the time! My weapon of choice is a pen for the words that are written are stronger than any blade or firearm! I'm a goof-off so if you just want a sane conversation I'm not the person for the job lolz! But if you want a seriously deep theological discussion and not an argument you've come to the right person! I try to get you thinking when answering questions with another question. I hope we can get along and try to be nice about these discussions!

I write books, hence the pen being my choice of weapon. I write strong meaningful stories that I hope would spark an interest.... Sure I don't describe things well but that's what you guys are here for, right? Critique m…