08 July, 2012

Disorderly and Proud

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries ~A.A Milne~

Well, lately I've been making cool discoveries of my own. And I wanted to relay some of them... We found a bag and it had some cameras inside it a video one and a film one.... It makes me wanna take them and use them... Even if their old! HAH! I also spent some time watching Fireproof.... the end is my favorite part!

I also have rediscovered a spiritual gift that lay dormant for a little while... I exhorted a friend and I am not only feeling at peace and joyful, but I want to worship God! :-D

I also want to remind you guys of this one thing... By one song! <3333

Remember that! Even the hardest heart can break and be changed! <3333

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel

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