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Poetic Revelry - Armed and Fully Loaded - discussion

Yesterday, I shared a photo on facebook, which inspired a poem called Armed and Fully Loaded. I have it up on my Sea of Faces poetry compilation on Wattpad, but I'm also sharing it here and will explain to you how it speaks to me...

I am a child Chosen to fight a war A Spirit war in my soul The heart of a monster wild To steal, kill and destroy the poor Yet the One who chose me came to make me whole
I've got the Word I'm ready for a blitzkrieg Armed and fully loaded I stand Firm in the Most High Lord I shan't be afraid I refuse to retreat Because The Lord is at my right hand
Yes, devils and demons, it's fully loaded And no I'm not afraid to use it! For too long you have intruded On The Lord's property, but now in His name you shall go to the pits!
At a not so distant time for me, I had taken quite a fancy to evil things and shadows. I was quite curious and it was fun at the time for me to explore occults, cults, demonic activity and horrific things. I invited demons into …

My Peculiar Life - Highland Games, Visitors, and Moving...OKAY!

The highland games was quite fun, Saturday! It was just extremely fun... hot... but cooled down a LOT by 4pm... I hadn't gotten one sunburn, and nobody got sick, which was a first. Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky were there... And daddy made the decision to wear his kilt everyday... oh my...

Photos can be found in the links below:

There were 20 Pipes and Drums bands this year... more than there has EVER been in the 8 years they've hosted this so it was phenomenal and awe-inspiring to hear them playing as one!

Well, when we got home... I was hot and very tired, but we cleaned the apartment a lil and then headed to bed, to prepare for the company the next day... We had some great fun then too! The parents went and watched The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy... and (most) of the kids stayed in the living…


 MINI-UPDATE ON THE GAMES!: This is my second time whupping a man's arse in a duel! The third time, this particular guy beat me... but we were a tie! he actually had a challenge with me!

P.S. I'll more about this day on Monday! (:

Randomity M̶o̶n̶d̶a̶y̶s̶ Tuesdays?? - Gluten Free, Highland Games, and Guests! OH MY!

Alrighty, today's Tuesday and SHOULD be on "People Like Us".... But I'm a lil rebel, today... :P

This week has been busy, lately... The business started this past Saturday... We left to Simpsonville to my Gramma Jeannette's house to finish cleaning out her house of what she had possessed before passing on. Then went to Main St. in Greenville to wander around the stores... We ate more gluten-free pizza from Trio Brickhouse Pizza, I believe it was called... After that we, once again, got gluten free and sugar free ice cream... (I got Ginger Cookie Ice Cream! Mmmm it was awesome!)... When we got home, I didn't have my meds so daddy had to go out late and get it for me...Passed out in my bed around 12:30am...

Sunday, I didn't sleep well, but I went to church anyway... I was also going to be donating blood to blood connections as well, but they pricked both my fingers to test my blood... my iron level was too low also having had cut 6 weeks ago, that was an…

Visionary Storytime Fridays - The Shattered Wine Glass

I informed you about this story on this past Wednesday's post. So, here I am, posting it! I hope you guys enjoy it! (:

Inspired by: Meredith Andrews’s “Worth it All” 

There was a wine glass, favored of the lord of the house. He had created it to shine golden in the sun, and twinkle sapphire in the starlight. At the end of the day, the lord of the house would take a sip of wine in this cup and sit himself down to play his highland. He, himself would wash and dry it by hand, and place it gently in its place, hanging on its own. He was extra careful for he knew its fragility, and knew how precious it was. 

But, one day when he came home for his glass. It was not in its usual place. No, someone had taken it from the shelf. He searched for it and saw it nowhere, having had created it in such a special way it hurt that his unique piece of art was gone. This wine glass, however was taken and stolen away. But, the thief-- a Minotaur, did not see how precious the glass was. For it …

Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays - Trust in the Lord

Vessel Upon the Waters By: Arianna Scriptsmith She sails upon the water's rage
A storm is tossing her from her way
But she carries on the vessel of sight
Going on by works and her own might
In this storm, she turns back to Yaweh
her crew cries out "He shall remember us, surely!"
The crew is tossed to and fro
I cling tight to her stern to hide from what I don't know
The water hits me trying to knock me off
I swallow salt water until I choke and cough
I cry and shout, "Oh, Have I been forsaken?
Covered by my guilt, shame and sin?"
But in my doubt what is this I hear?
A still small voice in my ear
"I have not forgotten you, My child
Let go of the stern, and you'll walk on the waves that are wild!"
In trust and reliance I release my grip
For I know that His catch shall not slip
Falling down into the ocean wave
I sink a little but rise on this impossible path to pave
I walk on the water, for in my faith I stand
With One who constantly has my hand

Soundwaves Story Wednesdays - Behind the Scenes of "The Shattered Wine Glass"

Peace out and rock on!
--Arianna Scriptsmith

Audio Blog Kick-off!

Randomity Mondays - Titles? Ha! I live on the random side! I LAUGH at the face of titles! HA! HA! HA! HAA!

Things have been fairly exciting since last week. So many things were happening that I lost track of things! But, first and foremost, I have been waiting upon the Lord for my call in ministry. Been waiting, patiently. Also have been in the Word a lot more. Lately I've not encountered any of my demonic influences. The Lord seems to be mending me slowly, but it is well on its way now. My temptations have been made more bearable to just allow to slip through as sand through my fingers.

So, Thursday... We went to Greenville, for my psychiatrist appointment. We went out early and ate at Olive Garden for lunch. We dropped Aneira back off at the house and then went on to Greenville, and ran a few errands. Then we to Your Pie had the most awesome gluten free pizzas ever! Then tried a gluten free no sugar added ice cream... "Mocha Maca Crunch" well, it tasted great, however I was allergic to the maca root, as was mum.

Friday came along and we shopped for Mother's Day. Got my…

Soundwave Story Wednesdays - Spread the Peace

Hello and welcome to yet another  Soundwave Story Wednesday! Today's theme is on being children of peace unto a world of chaos! Today, I don't have the video for this song, but it's Instuments of Peace by David Kauffman. It can be found on the Millennium Worship 2 Album on the 2nd disk

"Lord make us instruments of your peace Where there is hatred let your love increase Lord make us instruments of your peace Walls of pride and prejudice shall cease When we are your instruments of peace 
Where there is hatred, we will sow His love; Where there is injury, we will never judge. Where there is striving, we will speak His peace To the people crying for release; We will be His instruments of peace. 
Where there is blindness, we will pray for sight; Where there is darkness, we will shine His light. Where there is striving, we will bear their grief To the millions crying for release; We will be His instruments of peace."
Yesterday, I remembered a brother in the faith. Yes, I …

Randomity Mondays - Glowing in the Shadows

Well, I've not written in some time, so starting this would be great huh? So, in this post I'm going to highlight a few points of when I last posted.

First off, I have a new favorite band called ShatterRED. It isn't my typical style, but I have actually fallen right for the style now... I bought their album "Scarlet Rain" and I really love all the songs on there, but one that really stood out to me was "Like the Lie"

I constantly scream "I don't want to be free" Why do you keep listening? What if I like the lie? What if I don't hate my crimes? What if I enjoy the feeling like I'm burning inside? Can I be free from a pain that I don't want to escape! Somebody, anybody help me I just want to be saved! I don't like the lie! I want to hate my crimes! I'm sick of burning inside! Won't anybody, somebody save me from the lie?

And I was thinking that it wasn't too long ago that I'd have said the same thing. The t…

Soundwave Story Wednesdays - Start With Forgiveness

Last night, everything was movin’ so fast I could barely keep track Of my offenses or your defenses In hindsight, I woulda, coulda, shoulda not gone there But left without a word to spare Was it your offenses or my defensiveness?

I have a friend that I adopted as a twin brother of sorts. Often times he and I were at each other's throats. There was pride on both of our sides. Words said, deeds done that only tore us further apart. Many times our words would haunt at least myself every night...I never knew who was worse in an argument... but, now I realize we both monstrous to one another.

That’s got me thinkin’ that we’re never gonna get it right I wanna straighten this before the sun goes down tonight If I could only fight the bitterness I feel inside This thing is eatin’ me alive 

There were times bitterness took me over, but then I'd soften up for another blow in a tender spot. I really didn't enjoy hating him, I'd pull out rather quickly... and try again, and again…

The Hurt & The Healer --Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays

Warrior Healer By: Arianna Persephone Scriptsmith
Look at your reflection in the mirror, my sweet Make a decision, with head held high Shoulders back, choose a path You're a warrior, they often say Wipe away those tears, I know she's dead But, you couldn't save her, so moving on March ahead, you'll pull through Remember who you're fighting for it's not about you Trust The Lord with all your heart It's about Him, so glorify His name Remember there's a plan through it all You'll not always be in the storm Await His revelation, the light will shine through And-- wait what is that? A rainbow is overhead Remember Yaweh's promises are ever true


Leaving all chat use. With no intentions of coming back anytime soon... I'm also quitting writing for a while... I might start it up again... but for now... back to being that closet internet user that nobody will know.

Visionary Storytime Fridays - Introducing the Hope of Recovery

Light shines brighter at night. These years have proven it so. I am no longer defined by the night. What I did before has been cleansed at the cost of Christ. I am becoming the noble maiden that god longs me to be, but by no means have I been completed. I am restore to who I was to the core, and am slowly drawing nearer to the identity He made in me. However, even in knowing this all to be true, my past still comes to haunt me, and I fear the shadows shall take me again. I am afraid that I'll be so discouraged by the times that, once again, I shall lose recollection, and forget ho I am. I hated my life as it had been when it happened last time. I refuse to return to that lifestyle. But unease and unrest takes my heart, and in their hands they sow hopelessness, shame, a longing for death, and despair. Though such darkness come to snuff it, my candle remains a soft, warm, comforting glow to others, holding me firm in the hope of Christ. But, still, though my flesh threatens to end t…

Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Finding Your Beauty

The Mirror Lies (REVISED!)
If I told you who I was I'd only know this to start; I love to seek for the good in things And adventure is my goal I know that my heart mourns of things In ways uniquely known A joy arrayed in His light To shine to the Hope of all I know that what calls me forth in faith Visions, dreams, music, and love Colours and sounds in the world I've often spoke with them alone I am a child who lives life in sorrow But, not all can even see I have a simplicity yet a mystery about my life That baffles the world and even me They call me odd, mad and stupid A fool, insane, posessed But, I prefer to call myself unique A mystery behind a veil I am like a corridor of puzzles Which has yet to be unlocked Each day I find something new and hidden And it comes to heal my heart So, essentially I am a healing detective I seek and venture through my world Can't stay in one spot for long For I long after spreading His word I love to travel and wish I could more I know my curiosity at times Breaks me …

Joy's Lament... Soundwave Story Wednesdays

I'm starting a Wednesday Project of Soundwave Story Wednesdays, where I  elaborate on them with stories in it, that I've seen.

Today, I'm going to post some lyrics of a song that helped me through the years known a "Job Suite" by Michael Card...and the story is about myself.

Blameless and upright, a fearer of God A man truly righteous, no pious facade One about whom God was accustomed to boast And so one whom Satan desired the most One day the accuser came breathing out lies "It's Your holy handouts, his faithfulness buys" In one desperate day his possessions were lost His children all killed in one raw holocaust His children all killed in one raw holocaust

As a young child, I was raised upright, and was very true to it. I hated to lie, to hide, to run, I never masked myself, and was very close to the Lord. But, as my teen years began creeping in, we lost our house due to bankruptcy. I lost several friends I "adopted" as daughters, and so…

Everything's Gonna Be Alright --Face Your Doubts

Fear vs. Courage --a talk with the Father By: Arianna P. Scriptsmith
I lay on the ground, weeping heavily and shaking in my ripped shirt, on the floor. My tears pooled in a puddle on the tiles. I shuddered there as if cold.
"Why do you cry my child?" a soothing, still voice came over me as if a hand lay a warm blanket over me. I looked up to the ceiling, with tears staining my cheeks, "Oh, Father, I am afraid."
"What is it that you are afraid of? Have I not commanded you not to fear?" the voice responded to me, in a voice of kind rebuking.
I tensed up, as if preparing for something unpleasant, "I-- I am afraid, because I am not able. I fear that I will hurt the brother I care for. I back him up... but, I'm afraid that I'll fall back down. I'm afraid I'll just be another one of that long list of people that fought by his side... and became a traitor I--"
Something like a loving …

Everything's Gonna Be Alright --What Your Faith Means

I wish I knew what came next. I hear the ending is good and beautiful, and have so much hope that it is so... but, I see the chaos of the moment and I wonder could a happy ending ever come of this? They say faith is the opposite doubt. But a wise man has told me that faith is not the lack of doubt. If we didn't doubt ourselves in our faith he would actually be worried. Even a child, who trusts their father fully may doubt. And the Lord says we must have the faith of a child. We must come as little children. But even children have their doubts. It's natural. It's human. When running tongues spread rumors of daddy, they turn to look... They try to defend, yet they fall... Words can hurt. You know that silly childhood rhyme? "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" well, when the words are said and the fists fly, the broke bones will have long since mended, words tend to take longer to heal. And once you hear the rumors spread that can har…

Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays -- Look Up and Rise

2 [a]Then I lifted up my eyes and looked, and behold, there was a man with a measuring line in his hand.2 So I said, “Where are you going?” And he said to me, “To measure Jerusalem, to see how wide it is and how long it is.”3 And behold, the angel who was speaking with me was going out, and another angel was coming out to meet him,4 and said to him, “Run, speak to that young man, saying, ‘Jerusalem will be inhabited [b]without walls because of the multitude of men and cattle within it.5 For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire [c]around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’” 6 “[d]Ho there! Flee from the land of the north,” declares the Lord, “for I have dispersed you as the four winds of the heavens,” declares the Lord.7 “Ho, Zion! Escape, you who are living with the daughter of Babylon.”8 For thus says the Lord of hosts, “After [e]glory He has sent me against the nations which plunder you, for he who touches you, touches the [f]apple of His eye.9 For behold, I will wa…