31 January, 2013

“Lily, do you know where Joyce is?” “STOP!” “Oh my word! I almost stepped on her!”

Sorry for not updating since New Year's. Stress started piling up(mostly from SAD and family issues), but I am finally coming to a form of stability and am able to manage and maintain a certain peace now... So, I'm updating this after a long time and first I'm going to talk about the 9th-12th days of Christmas, cuz I left off at 8th!

Ninth Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Me: eyeglass holder
  • Aneira: hairbows
  • Aric: certificate of aversion(one days of not doing dishes... xP)

Tenth Day of Christmas Gifts

  • Me: earbuds
  • Aneira: necklace
  • Aric: homemade coupon(allows him to have his XBOX time all night starting at 8pm)

Eleventh Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Aric: homemade coupon(treated to soda)
  • Me: purple magnetic bracelet/necklace 
  • Aneira deck of playing cards(snowman shaped)

Twelfth Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Me: headband
  • Aneira: little Hello Kitty tin(with candy)
Oh kark....it's been quite the ride this month! So, where do I start? Guess I'll start at....



I have been secluded in a cramped corner for far too long.....my bunk bed blocks the view of the door...making this bedroom to be a spiritual, emotional, and mental death trap! And so in steps we want the room to wind up like this:
  • Bunk bed torn down, and rebuilt to be up against the wall
  • My dresser elsewhere
  • My pc shoved where my dresser is(it's a more open corner, not at private)
  • Lego table in the middle of the room
  • drawers shelves lessened, two for me sis, three for me....(arranged artistically)


Getting a Life!

Scripture: I am into the word more times than I have ever been, even through the times from June to December! 2013 is a new year, not only time wise, but spiritually! Yes, I have made major mistakes this year, that I regret sincerely, but when you think about it....those mistakes brought me closer to God, intensified the longing for God! I have been reading Jesus Calling By: Sarah Young in the morning(been like an adventure in each daily devotional....every devo seems to be specific for that day! IT'S AMAZING!), I read(past tense) a chapter in the book of Galatians each afternoon and am in the midst of memorizing Psalm 23....

Homeschool/College?: Yup, still in high school, asked mum if she could help me with my homeschool more often than she has.... Apparently, I learn better with a compilation of physical examples and hearing the voice of the teacher xP I asked her to give me creative writing assignments, since we cannot afford writer's classes elsewhere! Daddy suggested that I major in hairdressing at Regency Beauty Institute.... and maybe after that, I can aim for an associates' degree in English/Creative Writing and Music maybe in Converse....

Guitar: Still worth the $100, I have been spending more time on Aislin than ever! Maybe still not as much as I should but, alright... I understand the chords, I understand the guitar, Aislin is like the other piece of my heart the dream I couldn't find--until now!I have major plans for my music! I definitely plan to at least go to converse the go for a 2-year scholarship with it! (\0v0/) LET'S GO! 15 minutes a day to practice Aislin and get to know my baby! <33

Writing: Wow.... since January 20th, I barely had any distractions from TWA.... I'm still writing it, apparently, I'm on Chapter Four, now! Whoooaa...... 45 pages on google docs now! The story is unfolding well, also am outlining each chapter as I go along! Doing commitment training from Jan. 20th-Feb 19th! Wrote around about 9k in the story from Jan 20th to the present.... the first couple of commitments 3k by the 23rd and 7k by 27th(else I'd have been doing Aric's dishes and mum's clothes) was done by the 22nd and then I was to have 10k by the 28th, 12k by Feb 1st and 14k by Feb 3rd(else I'd be rendering-actually, have rendered dark music-- Writing 1500 words in my late short story, iShrunk, and vacuuming my Gramma's house!) No more commitments like that for quite sometime, siiiigh.... Here's a snippet of iShrunk to get ya guys interested:

Lillian carried Joyce into the room and allowed her to go on the floor. Joyce’s cheek blushed red.

“Hi, I am Joyce,” she waved to the couple who beamed at her.

“I am Jonathan Amos, and this is my wife, Nancy,” Mr. Amos knelt before her, and extended his index finger, “How do you do?”

Joyce took it and shook it.

“Now, I hear you’re an adventurous little girl!” Mr. Amos scooped her up in his hands and placed her on the arm of the couch.

“Yeah,” Joyce stared warily at Mr. Amos.

“I used to be the same way, attack a snake and kill it, and I felt like a hero!” he flexed what little muscle he had, bringing laughter to Joyce’s eyes.

“Oh, Jon! Don’t fill silly ideas into the girls head!” Nancy hit his arm playfully.

Mr. Amos leaned over and whispered in Joyce’s ear, “Even if she won’t admit it, she fell in love with me after I saved her from a rattlesnake.”

Joyce giggled at Mr. Amos.

“I know what you’re telling her, Jon! The rattlesnake wasn’t even attacking!” Mrs. Amos laughed.

“May I correct you on one thing when the head is reared up, it’s preparing to attack! You had invaded its space too much!” Mr. Amos nudged his wife’s arm.

Joyce giggled, “I think we’re gonna get along perfectly!”

“That’s good,” Marian smiled, as though she was glad for Joyce’s first major triumph in life.

Beads: I began this small, and will be starting officially(hopefully) in March or April! I think I have the talent! xD I can start w/ kid's jewelry then work my way up to paper beads then a little more up to metal and wooden beads!

Blog: I am going back to being the Nutty Sundae.... it seems for too long I was trying to be someone else.... I liked being the nutty sundae, it seemed more honest so THERE! Goodbye Celtic stuff haha! xD

~Mari J. Fahel w/ her Nutty Sundae and Platypus named Cuddles!

P.S. This explains my entire January:

04 January, 2013

Chapter One - Fears and Deceit - The Witches' Assassin

Chapter One of the TWA! Please enjoy! A word of caution: there is demonic activity in this chapter.... but please enjoy it none-the-less!

The Swashbuckler Disciple,
Mari J. Fahel

Morwynne twisted a lock of curly honey-brown hair out from her face. Her sea-green eyes gazed at a blurred figure in front of her. Her face was distant and pale, as her eyes were swarmed with shadows and blackness. In her mind she felt cold gripping shadows ripping at her body as she desperately cried, longing for comfort, light, warmth, and love! Morwynne’s face grew paler and more drawn back when all of a sudden agony was etched on every feature of it.

She fell to the ground, writhing and screaming, “Help! Help!” Suddenly her breath was knocked out of her and she felt the shadows’ clawing embrace, “Does anybody hear me? HELP!”

“Morwynne!” a far off call of her name caught her attention, “Morwynne! I hear you! It’s me, Jeniah! Can you hear me?”

“Traitor!” cried Morwynne, pushing many hands off her, “Let me go! Let me free! Let me be!”

“Jeniah, go get the Captain!” said a voice, something shook Morwynne’s sweating body, “Morwynne, it’s me, Jat… Help is coming…”

“I don’t need help! Don’t you see? This is not me! Someone’s in danger! Help her!” Morwynne’s vision was overtaken by darkened clouds, as tears flowed down her cheeks. She felt many hands lift her up off the floor, “Leave me! She’s in trouble! It’s not me!”


Willai stood in a sunlit room, overseeing the courtyard. There was a crowd of people in a far off corner where he knew two of the trio of ministers roomed together in a cabin. Jeniah Claran and Morwynne Gael were known best for their teamwork in ministering for the sick and needy. Morwynne’s specialty was in the spiritual wounds, whilst Jeniah’s was in the bodily wounds. Willai stared, silently at the crowd as he saw Jeniah push her way through the crowd towards a foot soldier. She spoke with him really quickly and he pointed to the tower window that Willai stood, watching through. Jeniah nodded, and spun around towards the tower, her auburn red hair flying in the breeze. Willai took up his claymore and sheathed it behind his shield, and ran down the staircase leading down to the door below. As he rounded on the door he swung it open as Jeniah neared it.

“What is happening?” Willai asked; his heart racing at top speed and his breath shallow.

Jeniah gasped for air and spoke so fast that Willai could barely understand her, “Morwynne is having another vision! It seems to be one of her dark ones! She is ranting and last I saw she was say—“

“—talk to me on the way there!” Willai cut in the sentence, turning Jeniah towards the crowd and nudging her on.

He kept in step with her as she went on, “She was saying things and in panicked pleas!”

“What sort of things?” Willai asked as he and Jeniah quickened their pace.

They neared the crowds when Jeniah spoke again, almost out of breath, “She said ‘Help’ several times, ‘Does anybody hear me?’ and didn’t seem to know where she was, who I was and called me a traitor! She said, ‘Let me go! Let me free! Let me be!’. Do you think that maybe she…“ Jeniah trailed off as the crowds made way for her and Willai.

“It’s possible. But, won’t know for certain until we get there…” Willai stepped in the house and saw one of his new recruits, Jat, who was the third of the ministers, as well, trying to get Morwynne to sit down. But, it seemed the efforts to get her into a chair were a complete and utter failure as she tossed and turned her head like a maddened horse. She paced back and forth, eyes widened and completely black.

“Morwynne? I got help…” Jeniah slowly edged to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Morwynne leapt away from it in alarm and stared into nothingness, “She has come, the Barrier between us and the Author. Trust will be tested, bonds of friends will be broken, then the Author will send His Spirit Fire upon her, and she will be known as the Gael’s Chorus!”

Morwynne’s eyes rolled back in her skull and she fell to her knees and wept, shaking as if she was cold, despite the burning fire in the hearth.

“Captain…” Jat edged away from the trembling body of Morwynne and eyed Willai nervously, “While she was in this she kept saying it wasn’t her that needed the help… she said someone was in danger…”

Willai knelt beside Morwynne and placed his hand on her shivering back and all of a sudden Morwynne shot up from the floor and in energized glee she beamed at Willai. Her sea-green eyes glimmering with joy and anticipation, “What are we waiting for? We need to help that girl!”

Willai looked at Morwynne sternly. As she stared at his stern expression in wide-eyed wonder, she bit her under lip and frowned, “I’m alright, Captain. Really I am.”

Willai glared at Morwynne as her eyes trailed from his face to his feet, “Don’t give me that, girl.”

Morwynne’s eyes ceased their joyful glimmer and a steely glint replaced it in a heartbeat, then all of a sudden her voice became authoritative and firm, just as if she too were of his rank, “Captain, there is a lost soul in the forest. She is in more pain than I could ever be! Sorion is attacking her and the Author has called us to retrieve her. His Spirit Fire shall fall upon her in His time, and we must be ready for it! Do you understand?”

Many of the guardians murmured from all directions outside, as Morwynne stared deep into Willai’s narrowed eyes with her steadfast ones.

Willai turned abruptly to the crowds and snapped at them, “Make yourselves scarce!”

The crowds nodded and went their separate ways. Willai looked back at Morwynne who smiled with a false portrayal of innocence. Jeniah and Jat had remained in the cabin, looking away, but Willai knew they were still listening intently. His left eye twitched in its annoyance.

Morwynne’s smile faltered and her face grew dark, “Willai, she’s on the brink of death…”

Willai harrumphed and pointed a firm finger at Morwynne with a creased forehead being revealed, “We aren’t done with this,. I’ll return and we’ll discuss this! Nobody is to follow me, understand?” He hastened away and began giving out orders to men to prepare horse.

Jeniah and Jat went around the room and prepared themselves for the newcomer.

Morwynne leaned on the dinner table and gazed directly in Jeniah’s eyes, “Jeniah, I know someday, I’ll prove myself to be a warrior. Just you wait!”

Jat scoffed.

Morwynne shot a poisonous glare at Jat, “And what do you think is so funny?”

“Willai didn’t train you for good reason… and you know it!” Jat replied, neatening the work desk.

Morwynne smirked, “Captain Willai doesn’t have any authority over me…”

Jeniah looked around for some herbs and mixtures, “I beg to differ, Morwynne. He is your mentor in this fort. Your father gave him full responsibility over you until you return to Onedath with him…”

“Dash my father! He never once communicated with me after he sent me away to Oraeda for ‘safety’. It turned out Oraeda was no safer than Onedath!” Morwynne lazed her arms on the table, “And anyway… Maybe Willai didn’t train me because he wanted me safe and to honor my father’s request!”

Jat shook his head exasperatedly, “Morwynne, Morwynne…. Don’t you remember Willai trying to train you when you were able to lift a sword?”

Morwynne’s jaw tightened as she clenched her teeth.

Jeniah leaned closer to Morwynne’s ear, “Or when he beat you black and blue with a blunt blade?”

Morwynne didn’t answer, but pushed herself away from the table and walked towards her bed and pulled out a bundle of clothes from under the mattress, wrapping something. She placed it on the table and unveiled the item, revealing it to be a sharpened dirk made by one of the greater blacksmiths in the Guardians’ fort.

Jeniah dropped a vial of some concoction as the contents scattered everywhere and stared open-mouthed at the dirk, “Is that—“

“Aye, it is…” Morwynne smirked mischievously and glanced at her buckler shield in the far end corner.

Jat smirked along with Morwynne, “Oh, so you’ve finally decided to use that? You goin’ with him, Mor?”

Jeniah looked from Jat to Morwynne, “You both were in this together?”

Jat chuckled, “I won’t tell your secret if you don’t tell ours…”

Jeniah blushed rosy red, “Fine…”

Morwynne looked cluelessly at the two of them until she heard heavy footfalls outside their door. She threw the bundled clothes on top of the dirk and spun around to see Captain Willai nearing the door. He looked from one false innocent face to another. Jeniah’s face burned cherry red, Jat grinned sheepishly and Morwynne smiled as believably as she could. All that and the mess on the floor was quite a sight and revealed them as untrustworthy, for sure.

Willai’s wide-eyed stare became one of a cynical glance at the trio of misfits, “Be prepared to house the girl in here for a while, ministers… And Morwynne, I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah… bye!” she grinned spotting the pommel of the dirk on the table and sidestepping to hide it.

Willai’s eyes seemed to have caught a glint of the shimmer of the pommel but he didn’t investigate it further. Rather, he turned on his heel and strode off. The three off them let out heavy sighs of relief at the turned back of the Captain as he went further and further away from the cabin. Jat held his head and chuckled softly. Jeniah began to clean up the floor. Morwynne ran to the buckler on the other side of the room and then gathered the dirk. She ran outside to see Willai saddling up to ride off. Morwynne quickened her pace to get a random horse she led it out into the courtyard.

Willai spotted Morwynne saddling up her random horse, “Whoa! No! And where do you think you’re going?”

He eyed her skeptically as she hid the dirk behind her back, grinning widely, “Didn’t I tell you? I’m coming with you!”

“Ahh… no! No, no, no and no!” Willai took the horse’s reins and began to lead it away, “A battle zone is no place for you, girl!”

“My place…” Morwynne tried yanking the reins from his hand, but he raised it above his head and smiled wryly, down at her flustered face, as Morwynne craned to try and get it. Frustrated, she relented and continued, “My place is with the girl, I feel drawn to her! And I’m a spiritual minister… the girl needs spiritual attention immediately!”

“I said no…” Willai led the horse back to the stables and lifted the reins off it. Morwynne smiled as he strode away and secretly saddled the horse up and when Willai was distracted with other things she mounted the horse and rode on past him at full speed. Willai was almost thrown off balance as he tried to calm his horse from the excitement. Morwynne halted at the gate and smirked behind her.


Willai remained, watching that stubborn girl of a Morwynne mounted on the horse at the gate. She was smiling that deceiving innocent smile which made him shake his head, exasperatedly. He knew Morwynne wouldn’t ever listen to him, but why stop her? She seemed set on going, and if she wanted to make a fool out of herself, who was he to prevent it? Stubborn as he was, he had his limits. Jat walked towards Willai, with his blade sheathed in his belt, and he stood by Willai’s side.

“Well, Captain, at least she didn’t steal your claymore…” Jat stroked the pommel of his blade as he spoke.

“She couldn’t anyway. She doesn’t have the stealth for it,” Willai strode quickly to his horse, and continued to prepare for the ride.

“But, Captain… she did steal your dirk from the armory,” Jat eyed his feet, nervously and snickered.

Willai smiled wryly, “I thought so…”

“You knew it was gone?” Jat’s eyes widened as he thought, What else does he know? That I mischievously helped her by trying distract him with slime bombs? Oh Author, please no!

Willai turned to Jat and patted him lightly on the back, “We’ll discuss this later…”

When Willai turned away, Jat froze where he stood, squeaking, “Help…”


Melody twisted in the shadows, suffocating. Cold and afraid she cried, “Traitor! Let me go! Let me free! Let me be!”

Tears streamed down her face and she tried to reach out of the shadows, “Help me! Please! Mercy!”

Suddenly a shout of victory echoed as if in a far off land and light pierced the darkness like a blade forged in the Heavenly Kingdom. A sweet song of a marching army, marching on to the victorious beats of love rang all around her and became nearer and closer as the light grew brighter. Two hands pulled her out of the shadows as she fell into the embrace of a warm cloak. Honey-brown curls cascaded into Melody’s face as deep sea-green eyes delved into hers.

“In the name of Jeshua, you will depart from these parts, Sorion!” a firm voice of one with authority spoke in the blurred forest. A scream of agony as Sorion sounded his retreat.

Melody’s body, exerted and in agony slumped onto the girl’s shoulder, as her weight started sliding to the ground. Blackness engulfed her vision once more and she saw no more.


Morwynne stood there, holding the full weight of the girl in her arms, “Captain…help me!” Morwynne’s knees buckled under the girl’s weight. The girl’s face was concealed by a rimmed hat, which hid most of her facial features. Her chocolate brown curly hair took a peep out from under the hat. The girl’s body temperature was almost freezing. Morwynne wrapped her heavy cloak tighter around the girl.

When Willai was quite certain they were alone he hastened towards Morwynne, struggling under the weight of the unconscious girl. He lent a hand in lowering the girl to the ground temporarily.

Morwynne gathered herself as she went to lift the hat off the girl’s head. She barely got it over the eyes when she let out a drawn gasp and with tear-rimmed eyes covered her mouth with her hands.

Willai looked at Morwynne in confusion, “What?”

Morwynne remained silent as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She had lost all sense of thought process and words to speak.

“Morwynne!” snapped Willai, glaring at her.

Morwynne snapped out of her revelry and wiped her tears away, smiling as if she had the most joyous news in the world, “Sorry...”

She continued to lift the hat from the girl’s head and revealed the tanned freckled face of Melody Gael-- Morwynne’s cousin. There was the long lost vagabond Guardian who never stayed in one place for very long. She’d visit every now and then, but seven years ago-- she was ten years old-- she and her family disappeared and didn’t return. Everyone assumed the worst, but here she was! Deep bloody gashes were cut into her arms, leaving a bloody mess in the cloak and staining Melody’s jerkin. Morwynne laid Melody on the ground and knelt beside her and placed her hands over the unconscious form and her heart. She closed her eyes and focused on the cold shadows rising to her hands. She still sensed a lot of evil on Melody. She focused deeper then felt beastly cold claws grip in the presence of the girl’s mind. She tried to pull out when the claws pulled her in as if yanking her by the throat into the shadows. In the shadows Morwynne saw a pale, naked feminine figure in an overshadowed corner. Bloody gashes on her arms and chest, she shuddered in the chill of the dark. Morwynne walked closer to the cringing form and reached out for her when something yanked her back. Light shone in her eyes and she lay, spread-eagle on the ground beside Melody, so traumatized that not one sound left her mouth.


In the fort Jeniah saw Captain MacNell carrying a wrapped form in his arms, running towards the cabin. Jeniah kicked the stool from under Jat who sat, lazing back. He fell to the ground and glared up at Jeniah who nodded towards Willai’s hurrying figure. Jat hastened to stand up and helped lay the wrapped form on the bed. Willai breathed heavily as he stared into Jeniah’s eyes in concern.

“Where’s Morwynne?” Jeniah heard the hint of dread in her own voice when she spoke.

Willai seemed to hear the edge in her voice too so he looked down at Jeniah, “She’s--”

A loud clatter from behind the two of them alerted them of another, as Willai turned to face Morwynne picking up the mop and bucket that she tripped over, “She’s here.”

Morwynne lay the mop gently on the wall as it slid off and clattered to the floor again. She left it there and went to help Jeniah with the new patient. Jeniah unwrapped the cloak to reveal the sliced body which oozed blood and shadows. Morwynne stooped to touch it when the sound of a clearing throat, alerted her of Willai’s rising temper.

“If you would, Morwynne Aari Gael, follow me to my quarters,” Willai’s cool tone aired a sign of caution for Morwynne who bit her lower lip and looked, pleadingly at Jat and Jeniah as Willai stepped out the door. Jeniah shook her head, solemnly as Jat grinned widely and shrugged. Morwynne’s head lowered in shame as she turned and followed the Captain, as if marching to the death.


In Willai’s quarters, Morwynne saw, near the fireplace was a chair and on the chair was a switch stick. Willai lifted it from the chair and eyed Morwynne pointedly. Panic rose in Morwynne’s heart as she backed away slowly.

“I know what you’re thinking, Captain… Giving you orders was very bad. And disobeying was even more so… but didn’t I have enough of a punishment on the mission for both of those?” Morwynne tried reasoning with the man who tapped the switch in the palm of his hand. Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! The sounds of the oncoming tanning pinned Morwynne to a corner, as she tried to evade the maddened man.

“Turn around…” Willai’s steady and darkened voice said, as he smiled wryly.

“J-just put that down…” Morwynne eyed the switch warily.

“What? So the stubborn little child isn’t prepared to reap the consequences of her actions? Tsk tsk…” Willai’s smile became almost overshadowed with harmful intent.

Morwynne looked desperately at the door that stood, slightly ajar then back up at Willai whose smile became a wry grin daring her to run for the door. She looked down at Willai’s legs which stood firmly in place. Those were strong that wouldn’t keep him down long enough. Her eyes trailed higher to his crotch. He’d have that protected at all times, very painful for his attacker. Her eyes trailed higher his stomach seemed to be unprotected but his arms were strong and he’d block her attack and turn her around in a heartbeat. Then her eyes trailed higher to the chest, which would only knock the wind out of him for a second… Would that be enough time to run? Her eyes trailed higher the neck was a good place to punch, and unprotected but again his hands were fast and he’d block her attack and spin her around. Then lastly the face… let’s just not even go there! Only in Morwynne’s wildest daydreams would she actually fight against Captain Willai Nikev MacNell. There was no way that she’d be able to pin this man down, being an untrained Guardian. Resigned to the punishment, Morwynne turned around and then the moment she did pain streaked at her rear end.


Three days Melody was unconscious. Sometimes the ministers noticed a flicker of fear across her face. Willai stood in the doorway as Jeniah strode to him.

In a low voice, she spoke to him, “We’ve tried everything… Her pulse is normal, her cuts are healing, and she is more than recovering physically. Nothing seems to be abnormally wrong with her, except those looks of fear. I don’t think she’s gonna make it, it would take a miracle from the Author to save her now.”

Light footsteps leading towards Melody alerted Jeniah and Willai to another’s presence. Morwynne knelt beside Melody’s quivering form and hovered her hands over the girl’s heart once more. She felt the cold claws of shadows crawling up her arms, again and shut her eyes. All of a sudden she opened her eyes to complete blackness. The chill of the dark permeated through her skin as she walked through the darkness. Shuffling sounds and agonized cries made her back hairs prick up as she saw the nakedly exposed form of the pale girl, curled into a tight ball. Morwynne outstretched her arms as the shadows dissipated and began to be penetrated with a grey light. Shadows crept up her arms and legs and into her mouth. Morwynne fell to her knees but shadows kept coming, gathering, clawing, strangling and in these shadows were whispers, whispers of her worthless past life. Morwynne tried to scream for help, but found none as she shut her overshadowed eyes and finally opened them.

Morwynne stood in the courtyard of Oraeda’s Guardians Fort. Chickens clucked in satisfaction for their chicken seed. She stood much shorter than she was used to, but in her shortness she saw a small boy, snorting in laughter as he hid behind a wagon. In his hand was a slingshot and he stretched it far and long, aiming at an unsuspecting chicken.

“Jat Claran,” Morwynne spoke up, making the boy jump and spin to face her, as she approached him, “What are you doing?”

Jat grinned in his mischief and beckoned to her, placing a finger on his lips. Morwynne knelt behind the wagon with him as he stretched the slingshot again. Jat shot it at the chicken’s rear as the chicken bawked loudly. Jat snickered as Morwynne giggled at the sound. The two children continued to wreak havoc across the fort and guffawing at the noises and sounds of the chickens’ indignant bawkings after them.

Jat smirked, “Let’s move this up a step, Morwynne…”

“How?” Morwynne’s eyes glinted with glee as she expectantly waited for Jat’s answer.

“Aim at the Guardians….” Jat winked.

Morwynne aimed at men’s helms, women, holding clothes baskets, and the tops of an accident just waiting to happen. The baskets would fly out of the women’s hands in alarm as clothes flew in all directions. Then Morwynne spotted a child running towards one of the women and underwear falling over his eyes. The helmed Guardians would hear this loud clanging noise, throwing them off-balance. Morwynne and Jat laughed hysterically as the chaos unfolded. Then the accidents would be like mud hitting people’s clothes and water splashing in their faces, but the person standing in the way of that was…Oh no! Captain Willai MacNell turned his head in all of the directions where the chaos took place and then his eyes fell on Morwynne just as Jat hid, just in time. Willai looked sternly at Morwynne and beckoned with a dangerously calm motion of his finger.

Morwynne closed her eyes tight and opened it back in the shadows where they continued to claw their way through to her heart. Then suddenly she was drawn away from the darkness again and Morwynne saw a flood of memories. Two girls running after a lightly armored warrior, playing tag and running into—the coven stole a girl from a family of guardians raising her to be a weapon against—two girls played with wooden blades as if they were growing into being—the boy smiled on the altar, a confident glimmer in his eye as a woman spilt blood from his staked heart… Morwynne fell back onto the wooden floor and cried in sorrow.

“Jeniah, come, quickly!” Jat’s voice broke through the absorbed darkness.

Morwynne was forced up as she knelt on the floor, “On your knees!” Two hands were laid on Morwynne’s shoulders as Jat spoke again, “Author of all, cast the shadows that are in Morwynne’s mind at this moment away from her. Mend the wounds that she just procured from entering the realm of shadows, and taking it on herself to help Melody. Comfort her from the things she just witnessed and hold her accountable for what she tried to bear. Amen.”

The shadows dissipated from Morwynne’s vision as she saw Jeniah’s stern face level with hers. A swift slap in the face from Jeniah alarmed Morwynne as Jeniah spoke firmly, "You don't take on the burdens of another without asking for help from the higher source, you hear?"

Morwynne looked in the doorway as Willai’s silhouetted form moved away from the door and he walked away. She threw herself spread-eagle on the floor, muttering, “It’s gone… it’s gone… It’s gone! It’s gone! It’s gone…”

02 January, 2013

Prologue - Two Lives, Miles Apart - The Witches' Assassin


The Swashbuckler Disciple,
Mari J. Fahel

Willai stared out in the direction of the rising sun, his eyes set on the distant hazardous mountain range before him. The morning dew droplets filled the air with a humid coldness that permeated through his heavy traveling cloak. His round wooden shield was strapped to his back, along with his claymore. His duel swords were belted on each side of his waist and stowed in his right boot was a knife. His long, wavy rust red hair was held back, revealing stormy blue eyes and a face scarred by betrayal.

“Captain MacNell...” a small, timid voice spoke from behind Willai.

Willai MacNell was the captain of a vagabond team of what was left of the Great Guardians of Oraeda. His team of warriors seemingly were prepared for anything Sorion threw at them, but the timid voice of the young lad behind Willai seemed to defy that.

“What is it, Jorin?” asked Willai, turning to face the sandy haired boy, whose traumatized grey eyes glinted with emotion. His pale white face had a look of horror plastered across is. His white lips quivered as he swayed in place, holding his weight on a staff. At his side was a big bloodstain on his shirt through to his jerkin. He fell forward, facedown on the ground.

Willai’s heart jolted in fear as he found himself walking to the boy’s body in silent dread. The boy’s body became overtaken by shadows which formed scarlet words in the air saying, “Upon this day, I curse the Guardians with the coming of their destruction of bonds and defeat in flames.” Willai stood his ground and began to pray saying, “Author of all, protect us from the shadows of Sorion. Send us a savior to redeem us.

17 years later....

Ashes at my feet, blood on the altar, fragranced oils on my head, and beautiful incense rising to Awaena, the goddess of fire. I was told from birth that my destiny was entwined with the Guardians of Oraeda. So much so that I’d be the very death of them in flames! But, Lord Sorion first wants me to break their bonds, by testing their trust in each other. Now, it is time to begin!

Melody finished writing in her diary for the last time. She mustn’t bring any evidence that she is the very curse that Lord Sorion put on them seventeen years ago. She took up the scrolls and shelved them in the articles.

“Melody Blanke, the ceremony is beginning. Come and fulfill your purpose!” said an empty voice, emptied of all emotion and love. Even as there was nobody with her, Melody still felt that emptiness like a cold embrace.

Melody took her black veil and draped it over her face. It matched her scarlet and black gown, which revealed her bare back. She took long deliberate strides to the ceremonial chamber. Low and deep voices rung clearly and loudly through the coven of witches, chanting for the rise of the Scarlet Assassin. Melody turned and entered the ceremonial chambers where she’d be alone with goddess Awaena to prove herself worthy of this task. She left her sandals at the door and walked through the ash-strewn floor. She walked to the altar, where a crying child was bound. A child of a Guardian, that is all she knew of this young boy. When he saw Melody coming his way, he suddenly ceased crying, and put on a courageous air that took Melody aback. She knew Awaena would never believe her worthy unless she slayed the boy, but her heart ached at the tearstained courage that he portrayed. She could tell that he didn’t want to show his fear, and for that she commended him and his family, the Guardians.

As she prepared the knife for the sacrificial ceremony, the boy’s voice, raspy and small cracked the silence, “Author of all, forgive her.... She doesn’t know what she does. Do not hold this sin against her....Amen!” he repeated this prayer over and over. Melody looked down in disgust at the boy, whose features became calmed and surrendered. But in the midst of his calm expression, his face grew pale white in prolonged dread.

Melody raised the knife above her head, as the boy’s eyes darted open and he smiled. The knife was staked into his heart as his blood spilt on the altar, to the floor. His screams echoed in the chamber, filling the empty silence with reverberating terror. She put the fragranced oils upon her head, and then knelt before the altar, in the ashes and the blood. She then lighted the incense, breathing in the aroma of it. Then she chanted and meditated the rest of the night, asking Awaena for the wisdom of fire to reside in her.

The night had passed, bringing with it a beautiful dawn. Melody still knelt in the blood and ashes, meditating. She heard voices outside, as the door slowly opened, letting in Lady Oroana, the head of the coven and Lord Sorion, the master of shadows.

“Are you ready, Melody Blanke? Years, you have prepared for this moment,” Lord Sorion asked, gazing deep into Melody’s red eyes, “Awaena’s smile is upon you this day. The sky burns her approval.”

“I am ready, my Lord...” Melody replied in a low curtsy.

“Then go, test their trust and break their bonds. Then burn them away!” said Lady Oroana, “May the shadows hide you.”

Melody shut her eyes and the transfiguration was complete. Her hair became curly and chocolate brown and her eyes took on a deep green. Her pale skin became tanned her face was covered in freckles. Her clothes became a pair of trousers, a woolen shirt and jerkin, a heavy traveling cloak, knee-high boots and a rimmed hat, hiding most of her hair. Other than her body frame, she looked like a young man. But, when the Guardians got closer, then they’d know that is not the case, and then it’d be too late.

“You will be known as Melody Gael, they must come to trust you, then you shall break their bond and test their trust,” Lord Sorion smiled, coldly “And, now, to get you in…”

The chambers disappeared to be replaced with a forest. The chilly, crisp air pierced through her clothes to her skin, when suddenly Lord Sorion attacked her. Shadows gripped at her clothes, ripping at her skin, scarring her with scarlet markings, producing shadows. Melody cried out in agonized pleas. Reaching out into her mind, she called, Help! Help! The shadows beat her down, not giving her any chance to fight back, Does anybody hear me? HELP!

01 January, 2013

Happy New Year's! - Origin of Swashbuckler Disciple!

Yesterday was way too busy to post! But I'll start here! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! And Merry 8th day of Christmas!!!

Seventh day of Christmas Gifts

  • Aric - hairbows/ponytail holders
  • Me - a bandana with Japanese symbols
  • Aneira - watercolor crayons

Eighth Day of Christmas Gifts

  • Aric - LED light keychain
  • Me - 6 pretty stickers
  • Aneira - shades for her glasses

Yesterday I wrote a musical score/lyrics for the score. I've had this tune in my head and played with my fingers all. year. long! So, I thought it was high time I wrote it down! I wrote and finished it within 30 minutes and when it was done, I was so proud of myself! xD I plan on adding a score for the guitar--however, I need to learn more about how the guitar works before I do that! x3 My guitar teacher, Tim says he'd be willing to help me with my score on Saturday when he comes for my lesson!

This is how the song turned out....the notes are for those who play the penny whistl and wish to try it out! xD

4/4? D Key (Penny Whistle)

(Verses) B A G F# E(trill) F# G A B G F# E D(trill) E 2x
(Chorus 1 & 2) E F# G A G F# E D E G F# E E D E
(Ending) A G E F# G A G E

V1: Standing high above us
A beacon of God’s promises stand true
Shines bright with colors new
Reminding us our God is faithful!

Chorus #1: Remind me each day of Your Word
Revealing beacons of truth
Remind me that Your promises
You keep and and have never forsaken!

V2: Colors shine many ways
The truth that stands like a Strong Tower
The storm i has now passed
As He promised, He was always there!

V3: Can you not see Him here?
Can you not realize His truth?
He is everywhere
Don’t you see? He’s in His children’s hearts!

Chorus # 2: Do you see the colors of light?
Before your ever-blind eyes?
It stands, an unbroken vow
When will you see His beacons of truth?

Ending: His beacons of truth shines through!


I have also worked on my public writing/art blog The Swashbuckler Disciple - An Imaginative World of Adventure, please go check it out!!!! The Prlogue of my current WIP is up on there! Edited. If you wish to read it!! xD

Also, I have a song for my friends in the New Year......

Everybody needs to know there's someone
When the world comes crashing down in the pouring rain
And they can't stand the pain
Everybody needs to feel there's someone
When the life they thought they had, well it passed them by
And they just want to die
Where do you go, what do you do
When you think there's nothing left to lose
Well you know in your heart
That's what we've been put here for

We've got to lean on each other
We've got to help each other be strong
We've got to learn from each other
We've got to help each other along
We've got to lean on each other
Nobody's meant to make it alone
Together we'll lean on the Father
Together we'll lean on His Word

So if your world is ever falling apart
If you ever need someone else you can talk to
We'll be right here for you
Just remember all of the words He said
Remember the things He did out of love for you
All because He wanted to
Wherever you go, whatever you do
All the promises He made were true
There is hope in His plan
That together we can stand

We've got to lean on each other
We've got to help each other be strong
We've got to learn from each other
We've got to help each other along
We've got to lean on each other
Nobody's meant to make it alone
Together we'll lean on the Father
Together we'll lean on His Word. 

~Lean on Each Other - David Meece~

I love you, guys! Remember that! Don't forget it, and as Naruto, countless time has said, "BELIEVE IT!"

Origin of The Swashbuckler Disciple

And also, as promise the origin of the Swashbuckler Disciple--several years ago, my mum bought me a book titled Swashbuckling Faith: Exploring for Treasure thru Pirates of the Caribbean By: Tim Wesemann! It was the start of an adventure in my life....I never looked at PotC quite the same way again! After a long time of considering this, I chose the username; SwashbucklerDisciple on Wattpad--however, I used it in a not-so-good way..... I used it for my evil, dark side of me--Scott O'Neil. Later, I deleted that account, but I still liked the username and so, I used it again--this time in an Christ-honouring way!

Wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey your way through the year,
Arianna Joy "Platypus" Schaffer

"I wanna scream like it's never been said But mean it like a black tattoo"

The Lyrics In The Title Came From... Introduction Lots have happened since my last update. And I am excited by all of it! So, without...