07 July, 2012

Mr. Mirror

I wrote a poem today called "Mr. Mirror". The whole point to the poem is that the mirror lies and God never lies.... I wrote it with the hope that someone would read it and not like it for the words written nor the rhythm of the poem.... but would like it for the message that I was trying to get across....

Hello there, Mr. Mirror
I know you whisper words and tips
So where could this go wrong?

Hello there, Doctor Lover
I desired fools
But now I see these words and tips
Will start to eat my soul

Dear Father, God above
Backs were turned to You
Even though Your still small voice
Is what we longed from You

Dear Jesus Christ, in me
I longed to know You
But every time I tried to
I chased what was untrue

Hello there, Mr. Mirror
Decision was made
I will not let your words and tips
Compromise this good trade

Hello there, Doctor Lover
I traded your lies
For a Greater Truth from my Lord
My house you can’t come by!

Dear Father, God above
I am ever Yours
Take me along Your lovely beach
So I can wade ashore

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel


  1. This is beautiful! ;u; ♥

    1. Not sure why I didn't use my blogger account to say that. XD


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