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Winning Votes[ended early]

The two with the top winning votes are:

Arianna Scriptsmith ☧

Never Forget [but always forgive...]

In 09/11/01 I was 8 years old... I remember that mum was pregnant with my lil sister at the time. I remember seeing thew horrors on the screen and thinking it was playing just like a film... I was very little and saw that many were dying and leaping to their deaths...

That's why when Obama goes on saying it wasn't an act of war, I am infuriated... with a righteous anger. It minimizes the wrongs we've had brought to us. These were sisters and brothers of the human race... of every gender, age, race, coulour. And hearing how Obama says it wasn't an act of war... just is infuriating and wrong to assume...

Don't minimize the sin they committed... but always forgive... There is a fine line between forgiveness and plain out minimizing the wrong... Forgiving those who have wrong you greatly makes it more beautiful to the Lord... for He forgave all unrighteousness... He never minimized it... that's what makes it so blindingly beautiful to be forgiven and called the chi…

Water & Fire: Spirit Purifiers [also, news and a vote...]

Yesterday, I was in a small group that my mum led. It was called “Face of the Waters: God’s Creation, Science’s Explanation". It got me thinking, and then gave me a great desire to write a nonfiction book about creation and the endtimes, how creation to flood and the gospel to endtimes overlap with one another. And also, how creation is an essential to our faith in Christ. I may post it on My Wattpad, in hopes that I can reach out to Christians and non-Christians alike of all ages, especially those who are 10+ of age. I hope you all will take the time to read it!

Lately, I've been writing poetry and making artistic things, I'd like to return to writing stories, and would like to know if y'all will vote for the (up to)2 you'd like me to write. The 2 with the most votes is what I will write. September 17th, 2013 will be the deadline to vote. So, far the vote has reached to this;

The Kindred Victors [1] Steam Warrior Alice [3] Seven Gates to Sanity [1] Collision [3]


To Rest Easy :-)

A  lot has happened since I last posted. What might've been two months in reality was almost like an entire year. July was the birthday month of hell. So in a nutshell this was what the rest of my summer was like;

July 3: Started well, Daddy and mum had a good anniversary, and my annual blogpost for that occasion was put on hold just because I wanted to think on it

July 4: I stayed home while the folks went to see fireworks

~Skipping a bit~

July 19: Gramma Jeannette's cancer was getting pretty bad. She was preparing for the end... Called mum and asked her to gather the family to her house on July 26th.

July 22: The midnight before, my cat, Galadrial had a seizure. And the next day we went to Shipwreck Cove in Duncan. There, we met up with a homeschool group and Aunt Mari and the cuzes. And daddy went to take care of Gramma Jeannette. Just before Aunt Mari came tho, I had an accident on the waterslide, sprained my ankle to the point that it was black and blue immediately. Had a…