26 December, 2012

Hear ye! Hear ye! News from my family to you!

It's my little sister, Aneira's 11th birthday......that's right 11th. birthday! I know she is excited about it, and somehow I really want to grab myself an age-alterer and take her back a year. You know when public schools hold you back a grade, when you haven't had good grades? I want to hold her back a year, since I like her better and a 10-yr-old--mostly......

At the party, Daddy gave me one tiny little scoop of egg nog ice cream and enny teeny piece of cake. I looked around and everyone else had larger amounts. I chuckled to myself and realized that Daddy was enforcing a controlled amount of sugar intake. Aneira had one of the best birthdays she's ever had. She now wants to be a "big girl" and tie her own sash around her from her dress, get her own dishes, and even do dishes as her next chore! She is really enthusiastic now.... let's see how she does when she's done it for about 3-4 days.... **chuckles**

She was quite excited about the gifts she received.

  1. Build-a-bear gift card
  2. Hello Kitty messenger bag to color herself
  3. Disney Princess bracelets
  4. Piggy bank from Hearts of Clay for her to glaze
  5. Bath fizzers
  6. Hello Kitty pencils
  7. Money
  8. etc. etc.

Also, at the party, I finally found out from my Aunt Mari that she is having a baby girl! She's gonna name her Isabella Marie! I offered to babysit sometime! I look forward to holding a baby again! :-D Also, I am planning on getting closer to my Gramma Jennette(on Daddy's side). Had her for 13 years, and I still barely know her! And I want to get to know her before she goes!

Merry 2nd Day of Christmas to you all! I don't think it is possible for me to finish Mission Write-a-Gift, so I'm gonna edit the wattpad story so that it'll be just one gift for the whole Christmas. However, the friends that I listed before, I'm still writing individual gifts for(it may be late, tho)! I remember one year I had bought Christmas gifts fro Savvy and her sister, and I had them stored in a box, ready to ship, but I didn't get to shipping them until February.... **chuckles** They were so excited to open it, they came on skype and begged me to get on, so that they could open the gifts in front of me. They waited, and waited, and waited, I never replied. So, impatient to see what their best friend bought them.... they opened them without me and said, "Nevermind, we got impatient! xD"  **chuckles, softly at the memory of comedic joy**

Second Day of Christmas Gift

 Candied christmas tree shaped ornament......peppermint flavoured!

Also, yesterday I got two more gifts, $10, and a plaid scarf! My Gramma Jennette asked me, "What is your favorite color?" and I automatically said, "Purple!" and she laughed a little and said, "Well.... that settles it!" And when she gave me the scarf, it was PURPLE! She gave Aric a plaid sea-green one, and gave Aneira a hand puppet from Sunny puppets!

Thank you all for being interested in the life of one kookie, always late, nerdy weirdo, here.... haha! I'll show pictures of the Doctor Who stuff my parents got for Christmas, later. Keep an eye out for them! :-D (and with my $10, I'm saving it for January, when I can go out and buy some Doctor Who stuff for myself! :-D

Wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey yourself through the year!
Arianna Schaffer

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