27 December, 2012

Mini Oreos, Ranch, and a wee bit of ADVENTURE!

Alright, today was quite the strange day. First, I had about 10 big scoops of ice cream(it started out as 4, then my sis gave me hers....) and all day I went bonkers! I had impulses like crazy(most of which I resisted and avoided like the plague). Then that one fateful moment in the evening, it was supper time and I experimented with something revolting.... >.> Well, not everything can be as successful as peanut butter and tomato sammiches, grits with ranch, ketchup and mustard on pancakes, chips(fries) and mayo, pizza dipped in ranch, and fish fingers and custard, I suppose.... 'Cuz once I dipped those mini oreos in the ranch I doomed myself to a tummy ache the rest of the evening! I had said, "Ranch makes everything taste better!" and my sister had those mini oreos.... I asked for an oreo and she suspected what I was about to do, so she said, "You aren't gonna put ranch in it are you?" and so I replied in my most mischievous voice ever, "Oh, no why would I be as stupid and imbecilic as to put ranch in it?" and in my thoughts I added, "Noooo.... I'm just dipping the cookie in the ranch...." Well, I suppose you guys can guess what happened next, I ate it, to Aneira's disgust. She squealed a prolonged, "Ewwwwwww!!!" and I smugly grinned at her.... :-P

Now, I think that the lil' 11-yr-old lass has the opportunity to grin smugly at me... >.> 'Cuz once I had eaten it I doomed my tummy to cry out in agony! The rest of the night my stomach lurched and felt irpy!

Well onto less......insanity and randomity.....

Third Day of Christmas Gifts

Of your choosing:
  • I picked a wrapped present which felt like a book.
  • Aneira picked a mysterious package
  • And Aric picked up something which felt like razors....

When we opened them, however.....

  • I saw a book titled Colossal Book of Word Play By: Martin Gardener in my little parcel
  • Aneira saw a set of watercolor paints
  • And Aric got a set of pens!
Tomorrow, I plan on watching Most and I'll be sure to let you guys know how it is! :-D And maybe review it tomorrow! God bless you, kind invisible closet readers! x3

Wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey your way through the upcoming year!
Arianna Schaffer

P.S. My mum wants to do something in the upcoming year, that we've never done before! However, we have done something similar! :-P

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