21 December, 2012

Open 'Em Eyes to Love!

An update on how everything is going should really please my audience. It's like I let you guys know what things I plan to do in the present to look on the future with expectation, then all of a sudden I disappear off the face of the world of Imagine Nation! Well, I have returned with a very intense drone on what it's been like since November 1st.

Scripture: I have been going intense on my scripture reading. My partner in that had sort of released me to make my own way through the Word. I have officially read through 1 Peter, James, 1 John, Ephesians, Matthew, Ruth, and Zephaniah. I have only just begun the book of Acts and soon will go to the book of Esther. At this rate, my heart shall be more prepared for the book of Revelation sooner than I had expected!

Homeschool: It is almost the end of December, and I am no further along in my studies than I was in November. I personally have come to the realization that I might be here longer than I really wanted. Don't get me wrong, homeschool's great! And the name we picked for ours is epic (Entmoot Academy)! But, even though I shall be a tad disappointed in leaving a school with such a cool name, I really want to move forward in my education! I want to go to college! I would go to Converse, but I'm considering more into colleges out of state. There may be more suitable colleges for the direction I wish to take than Converse. We will see, but before that happens, I'll have to finish up my studies in my senior year of high school.

Guitar: We have come to the decision that it is worth the $100 I put into it. I have the talent, I have the ear for it, and I believe I have the passion for it -- it just hides in the shadows right now -- I need to put more time into practicing this instrument! I'm hoping that I'll become as good as my biological father. He has great talent in the area of music, he can listen to a song (and without any notes) play what he has heard! Isn't that amazing?

Writing: I have started and stopped writing several stories since the time I last posted. But, I shall only inform you of the one I am writing now. I am writing a novel titled The Witches' Assassin, (go to the link for more information!) Also, I have written many poems on other blogs Inklings - Songs from the Heart and Healing a Shattered Heart - To the Shattered Hearts. I hope you like what I wrote!

Beads: So far, I haven't been able to commit to beadsmithing. I don't seem to ever have enough money after I get what I need and then maybe a couple things I want. To tell you the truth, guys, jewelry-making is one expensive craft, as are all crafts it seems.... **sarcasm** Maybe I oughta go and find a blacksmith to tutor me in his ways of the mighty forge! That probably won't be as expensive as beadsmithing......yeah right!

Also, if you could, my dear readers, pray for a couple of my dearest friends? My most beloved sister, Savannah is going through a rough time, spiritually. Please pray that she will find her way back to Christ! My brother of the Gaels, Eli is struggling emotionally. Please pray that he will find his comfort in Christ! My sister of the kittens is coming down with the flu, she assumes, and her mother has it, too. Pray that they may find their healing in Christ! Then, lastly, I am in middle of this, my heart is reaching out to them, but I am afraid that I may take it too far and be overwhelmed with the trials of my friends. Pray that I will find my self-control and wisdom in Christ!

I have been listening to plenty of uplifting music tonight. Far different from the music I was listening to this morning. And I came across one that has touched my heart. This is dedicated to my most beloved sister, and my brother of the Gaels!

Also, today was the lamest apocalypse ever! It only turned out to be the Friday before Christmas! Which some may say is rather close... I almost died of boredom, so I have survived the great destruction of the world for the second time! Remember when 2000 was to be the end of the world? Only because they believed that when the calendar was changed to '00, all the electricity would shut off, and then we -- the people who now depend on electricity-- would die because we wouldn't even be able to use the cars! Everything would be like it was in the 1900's and we'd suffer a death without internet, computers, cars, cell phones, etc. But, oh God forbid we lose the niceties of electricity! We'd suffer a cruel and agonizing death without the oh-so-mighty-electricity! Oh no! How have we survived as a species without the oh-so-mighty-electricity? Sorry, I couldn't resist.... GET A LIFE PEOPLE! (Like I should talk, I'm addicted to the niceties of electricity myself, and I've never even camped away from the electric way of life in my pitiful existence!)

Anywayz! May God bless you this Christmas season with joy, peace, and love, as you remember the first coming of His son, and then look to his second coming!

Lost in the world of thought,
Arianna Schaffer

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