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Believe it or not!

These are my teen years summarized in 7 parts! When I was 13, I was easily excited. Nothing seemed to be wrong at this time... a smile meant happy and a laugh meant joy. It seemed that ignorance was sweet...for a little while. I went to church, had a youth group, participated in church activities....I was a Christian right? Not a glimmer of doubt about I must've been right? Not so... 14 came, and I continued in conforming to the likeness of most Christians and not the likeness of Christ. Several times, we changed churches... I was now going to a youth group in someone's home every other Thursday at 7pm. Sure, I began cutting....sure doubts were coming over my mind, but I'd prevail right? God was with me, right? That might've been so....but was I willing to accept His help? more going to church.... cut from fellowship and the Word drew me into a deep darkness and cold than I had ever been in.....we had gone from one church to another every few years, s…


Prayed most fervently about what I was doing.... I am much better than I was in January, most likely don't need to go to the hospital!
Preferring to look mad, Mari J. Fahel


I wrote this poem last night about my experience with communications sites(like Facebook, Chatango, Wattpad, Twitter) I hope you guys like it!

Yours truly, the Swashbuckling Disciple,
Mari J. Fahel

I am the eyes of first impressions
To look at you in awkward silence
I am the text upon that screen
Drawing closer the average teen

I am the voice inside your ear
Never revealing a single tear
The handshake of polite “hello”s
Talks beguiling tones of mellow

Hi, I am all communications
Be aware, very aware of me
I bring those with dark pasts to you
They come and their true selves you’ll see

I am texts, I am chats
You will afraid of yourself
Put on a mask and no one will see that
I am that voice in your head
Telling you, “You must be perfect”
I am communications, you see?
Be aware, very aware of me!

Packin' up!

Well, today I am postponing my writing on TWA.... and I'm packin' up to go (hopefully) to a long term leave...I'm going to the hospital and would like you guys to keep an eye out for updates from Mum.....Be prayin' for me! <3333 Love yeh guys!
Preferring to look mad, Mari J. Fahel