02 July, 2012

Drop your weapons! Cuz I've got the dreaded pen!

Hey, guys! I just want to introduce myself.... I am Mari Fahel the Child of the Ocean and of the Gaelic Chorus of Thunder!  I am 18.... Might as well say I'm 19 since in 20 days I'll be that age! I'm a Nutty Sundae and my marbles belong on the floor of my mind for me to trip over and lose all the time! My weapon of choice is a pen for the words that are written are stronger than any blade or firearm! I'm a goof-off so if you just want a sane conversation I'm not the person for the job lolz! But if you want a seriously deep theological discussion and not an argument you've come to the right person! I try to get you thinking when answering questions with another question. I hope we can get along and try to be nice about these discussions!

I write books, hence the pen being my choice of weapon. I write strong meaningful stories that I hope would spark an interest.... Sure I don't describe things well but that's what you guys are here for, right? Critique me! I can handle it and I'll try to get better in it just for One Almighty God! Though he hasn't put the cherry on top of my sundae.... remember my nuts will last an eternity!

I've been trying to write in the Forgiver's Promise.... Stress has made it hard to sit down and think about the words to use. So, help me! Give me advice I need to move this along! <3

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J. Fahel

P.S. Remember one thing.... I'm never going to be like the 'sane' people... cuz I am mad for the One who was madly in love with me! So much so that He died for me! <3

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  1. Love it! :D Pray! Praying always helps me focus and ask for the Holy Spirit's help for inspiration! :)


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