23 December, 2012

Hobbits, Cute Guys and Hats.....OH MY!

Well, I was investigating too many things at once and now I'm all nerdy-and-preppy-like all at the same time! I am quite excited about The Hobbit, I would really like to watch it soooooon! I'm thoroughly enjoying the soundtrack.... I'm not normally one to listen to soundtracks, but I am absolutely addicted to this soundtrack(kind of like I got addicted to Brave's, Princess and the Frog's, Chronicles of Narnia's, Harry Potter's, and my childhood favorite, Lord of the Rings'!) It is a very compelling soundtrack, compels me to WRITE!

Somewhat off-subject but, similar to the topic, I am wondering if I should watch 13th Warrior, Braveheart, Tin Man, and Snowhite and the Huntsman(haven't watched any of those films, but I am quite curious if they are good. Does anyone know these movies? Have you guys watched it? Are they good?)

Also, I went all preppy-fan-girl-squeal just a moment ago. I was watching a certain video over and over, it was a song by NEEDTOBREATHE. Kind of something I am not particularly used to listening to. It's almost a mix between country and rock. It had beautiful men in it with EPIC hats! I really wanted the cowboy hat, the derby, and the fedora, but of course, I can't have them!

Also, my fast was a success, I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit, once I finished. I was amazed when I broke fast and was all stoked and on fire for Christ! Thanks be to God!

Lost in a world of thought,
Yours truly, the Swashbuckler Disciple,
Arianna Schaffer

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