21 December, 2012

To the Shattered Hearts

My name is Melody Gael, I created this blog for those whose hearts have shattered, like broken glass scattered in pieces on the floor. I hope this ministry will uplift and encourage you to be strong!

I wrote this just now. I was inspired by an incident, which made me self-destruct, like a maddened robot! A special thank you to my friend, Eli, for holding me accountable. And this is dedicated to my dear beloved sister, the Starlit Knight!

Have you ever felt that inward pain?
Crying out in the tears of the rain?
Do you trust that when your sins are lain (on Christ)
You will have an everlasting flame?

And the bloodstained marks shall take form
Making you bleed and feel like a worm
Do you need love when your heart is torn?
If you do, will you be forlorn?

And the fear shall dilate these eyes
When you see yourself and make up lies
Can you break through these darkened ties?
Run to Him who shall give you life?

Have you ever felt that inward pain
Be washed clean by His healing rain?
Putting your trust in Christ, the Great Flame
Soon your heart too shall blaze, untamed

Realize when you are pinned to the ground by the shadows of doubt, and the flames of dying hard, you are loved, and you are more than those lies!

Healing a shattered heart,
Melody Gael

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