25 December, 2012

An Exciting Christmas Day!

Today was a very beautiful day!

  • Aric got a $50 Gamestop Gift card(from our parents)!
  • Aneira got M&M's, Chocolate Santa, and a Disney Princess candy cane, a Disney Princess sleeping bag, and Epic Mickey 2 Video Game(from our parents)!
  • I got two iTunes Gift Cards and the Academy Award Nominee Live Action Short - 2004, Most(from my parents)! I also received the cutest little stuffed cat made with a flowery pattern from my little sister!
  • Daddy got a Doctor Who fob watch (a real watch, made of plastic, complete with voices and sound effects), and a set of Celtic dice(from Mum)!
  • Mum got a Doctor Who TARDIS teapot and a Doctor Who Salt and Pepper shaker set--a Dalek and TARDIS-- (from Daddy)
  • Even the cats got a gift(even though it was yesterday). They got every cat's first love, cat nip!

First Day of Christmas Gift

Our very own Christmas ornament-- I got a lavender Christmas tree-shaped one, Aneira got a blue star-shaped ornament of bells, and Aric got a red Christmas tree-shaped one.

This Christmas was pretty much geeky and nerdy for the entire family(especially amongst the parents....**chuckles, softly**)! I am about to start the 1st day of Christmas gift to you guys! Just bear with me! God bless you and keep you this Christmas season! Alleluia!

Also, I plan to write a few of my close friends a gift, specific to them! They are:

(If your name wasn't on here, I still love you! These are my closest friends, I added them with the nickname I know them with! Thank you, my dears for being by my side! MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

Peace be unto you from God our Father,
The Swashbuckler Disciple,
Arianna "Platypus" Schaffer

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