31 July, 2012

"Awh... poor wee lamb..."

Don't worry, people! I still live! I have returned to the blogging world and am in the midst of writing a book with my dear friend, Eli! The book is titled The Guardian's Chorus! Eli's editing and writing in the story! I'll allow ye to read a wee bit of it, ladies and gentlemen!

A little girl crawled into the brushes with her thick stick in her hand as she heard the marching of an older boy. As she crawled closer to the sounds of his marching a snap of a twig quitted the deliberate steps, which made the tween boy chortle, “Now, what could that have been?”

The little girl giggled and stood up and screamed, “CHARGE!” and charged after the boy who lifted his stick and blocked hers.

They whacked at the sticks as the girl tried her best to hit this older boy when a stern voice made her jump, “Kaitra Joy!”

The little girl froze in her movements as the boy froze as well. The two of them stood up straight and turned to the woman with her hands on her hips.

“Young lady, how many times have I told you not to duel with your cousin!” the woman eyed the little girl with a firm face.

“Countless times, Aunt Isobel...”

“That’s right... how many more times will I have to tell you?” Aunt Isobel then turned to the boy, “And Jacob... you should know better... Kaitra is a young lady and shouldn’t be dueling with you!”

“Sorry, Mum...” replied the boy in a mumble, “I’ll throw the sticks out...”

“You do that... and then go out with your father to town...” Aunt Isobel turned back to the teary-eyed girl, and kindly said, “Kaitra, I have a surprise for you... Come with me...”

Kaitra sighed and followed her aunt out of the wooded area towards the cabin. Kaitra stood there, awaiting her “surprise”. Which Aunt Isobel pulled out, it was underneath a cloth which she unveiled, it was a highland whistle.

Kaitra’s eyes brightened, “Really?”

“Yes, Kaitra... you can thank your Uncle for this. Go on and play it!” she handed the whistle to her niece.

She snatched it away and blew gently, letting the note reverberate through the air, “It’s beautiful!”

“Yes, well... I must get back to mending...”

That day was the start of something new in Kaitra’s life, to be a smith of notes and a painter of sound. She didn’t know how much it would affect her life.

Leave comments, people! And let me know how ye like it! I wrote this part... ;-)

Preferring to look insane,
Mari J Fahel

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