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Soundwave Story Wednesdays - Start With Forgiveness

Last night, everything was movin’ so fast I could barely keep track Of my offenses or your defenses In hindsight, I woulda, coulda, shoulda not gone there But left without a word to spare Was it your offenses or my defensiveness?

I have a friend that I adopted as a twin brother of sorts. Often times he and I were at each other's throats. There was pride on both of our sides. Words said, deeds done that only tore us further apart. Many times our words would haunt at least myself every night...I never knew who was worse in an argument... but, now I realize we both monstrous to one another.

That’s got me thinkin’ that we’re never gonna get it right I wanna straighten this before the sun goes down tonight If I could only fight the bitterness I feel inside This thing is eatin’ me alive 

There were times bitterness took me over, but then I'd soften up for another blow in a tender spot. I really didn't enjoy hating him, I'd pull out rather quickly... and try again, and again…

The Hurt & The Healer --Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays

Warrior Healer By: Arianna Persephone Scriptsmith
Look at your reflection in the mirror, my sweet Make a decision, with head held high Shoulders back, choose a path You're a warrior, they often say Wipe away those tears, I know she's dead But, you couldn't save her, so moving on March ahead, you'll pull through Remember who you're fighting for it's not about you Trust The Lord with all your heart It's about Him, so glorify His name Remember there's a plan through it all You'll not always be in the storm Await His revelation, the light will shine through And-- wait what is that? A rainbow is overhead Remember Yaweh's promises are ever true