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Heyo, peeps!

"Oh ho ho... brilliant! It's you! You're my favorite, you are. You are the best. You know why? 'Cause you're so thick! You're Mr. Thick Thick Thickety Thickface from Thicktown. Thickania! ... And so's your dad." ~The Doctor~

Hey, guys! Life has been really a struggle! I have a lot of stuff to do-- that being (from priority 1 and on):

1. Scripture!!! I've been getting into the Word of God for a couple of weeks with a great friend, and it's been a wonderful journey, taking me in and out of the fields of gold and to send me on my way to fight for my faith. It is an amazing battle that has changed the way I think and the way I act. I have never known strength like this. Thanks be to God, Alleluia!!!!

2. Homework! Whoa!!!! Lots of homework in so little time! A years worth of schoolwork (in each subject) to do in two months--aye that's what I said: TWO MONTHS!!!!!!! I am getting help from another good friend and promised my mother tha…