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November's Art

Art that I've done through the month. Enjoy!

In Christ,

(Titles? I wish you wouldn't pressure this on me... welll, alright...) Bananas are good.

Alright, as some of you know, I've been hoping to write music for my lyrics/poems... Well, I'm starting now, with these song:

Title: The Ending of it All
Written by: Arianna Schaffer
Project: Illuminance (my musical project name)

End it now... (whispered)

[V1] End your sorrow and end your pain
Give up the hope of tomorrow
There is never a shame
In stopping your breath with a single stroke
So, bend at the knee, and pose the knife
Give up yourself... give up on life!
Such are the lies I hear in bed
Every night, I hear that I should be dead

[Pre-Chorus] But, I will stand, I will not be fooled
It's dangerous for these devils to use my soul
Because, I'm no puppet on their string
My life belongs to the King of all kings

[Chorus] So, now I say I end this now!
The voices' chants can not control me
(I end this now,)
I break the ritual, pray my soul be set fee
(I end it now...)
I don't want my life to end here
(I end it now...)
For grace to draw me near
(I end this...)


Never Will I Leave You

Well, a night to stay up. Not in fear, no, not in rage. Not in sadness, bitterness, nor pain... but just to ponder on the changing power of One Name. Silence is my friend for this night. no laughter, no tears, no fear, no anger... nothing, except... How much change God can make in one, 24-hr day. All day... all day, messages were inserted into my head one by one... by one... to prepare for a battle that began and ended in all but a 3hr span of time. The first message pierced through the surface... the second prepared me to learn about a certain personality trait that our Lord, Jesus Christ has... the third was more uncomfortable...

1. Chicken Catapult: The imagination of one priest can create a bit of understanding... this priest said to us in Sunday School, "I have a friend who thought all her problems... big and small were being caused by Satan... then I got a picture of Satan with a catapult... and he's putting chickens in there... and shooting them all around her, and …

Joy Upon the Lord and the Power of YAWEH!

A very fruitful church service... and Sunday school was insightful too... :) in Sunday school we covered visions, and the difference between them and dreams... We learned that the place between waking and sleeping is where we are open most to God's voice.  The sermon was on Luke 21:5-19 and this stood out to me:

-cults are attractive
-these thing _must_ happen, but there is no need to be terrified.
-stress & fear can make us forget Jesus' assuring promise.
-persecution of believers have escalate... since the year, 2000 there have been more than a million believers martyred or persecuted
-do not fear do not hate, God _will_ give us words of truth...
-like a child who awaits Christmas, we are to look forward to what is to come...
-we are not wishing our lives away by exciting over Heaven... we are longing for the life ahead.

then we had a pop sermon from our worship pastor, Nowell, who aimed to convict us to give thanks to God... it was amazing...

Plenty of topics I …

The Alchemist's Sanctuary(Edited)

I have been having a fun time today! I wrote this short story snippet... I may or may not get it published, so I might have to delete this sooner or later!
Peace out and rock on!
Arianna Scriptsmith ☧ 

Inspired By:Whiteheart's "Climb the Hill"
Written By: Arianna Scriptsmith ☧
Started: Friday, November 15, 2013

A crowded courtyard with a faded grey haze settling down in the valley, overrunning what light there was, stood under the mountainous fortress. There was no laughter, there was no play. Though there were only children to be seen, they only curled in a pathetic ball in the ashes of the streets. They all either wore filth-ridden rags or they were naked and curled in their own stench. Chains dragged with their feet. Now cracked, transformed into cold, hard and deformed iron, wearing down their walk, were their own hearts, connected to the chains. The mountains and fortress cast a colourless gloom upon the children’s countenance.

Rumors of a secret escape to freedo…

Frontline Overcomers

As a child I thought as a child, I played as a child, I spoke as a child, and understood things as a child would, but as I grew up I noticed that the world is a darker place than I could comprehend as a little child. I learned that everyday was a fight. Every breath was like a step, and every heartbeat was like the war drums, and making any decision during the day was transformed into a battle of right and wrong. Every day was an act of rebelling or peacemaking. What made me the person I am now were these conflicts in life that was just daily living
Are any of you aware that there is an invisible war going on? Most folks go on with their day as if they are not affected by this war, but the truth of it is, everybody fights in it... It's the side they have chosen that makes them a victor or not.
Ever since August 20th of this year, I've been training myself to work towards perfecting, improving and changing my ways. I have slipped more than my fair share, but, although I've fa…