25 December, 2012

No Room For Our King?

Merry Christmas to all! A beautiful day has begun! Last night, we were closer to one another than we would've if the power hadn't gone out! We goofed off, we ate shepherd's pie, we opened one gift for each of us(Aric got a pair of nifty gloves, Aneira got some lovely playdough, I got the film, To Save a Life and a book Dare to Make a Difference in Your School (and Life) By the creators of the film--all from our parents!-- Daddy got a green jar, and Mum got cappuccino--from Aric and Aneira!-- and let's not forget the poem I wrote the night before!)

The jokes that came along with the green jar left the whole family in a fit of giggles. Daddy smiled and then had this conversation with Aric and Aneira:

Daddy: Oh, look an urn!
Aric: **ignores the comment** We thought you'd like that. I tried to find something to put in it, but everything was too big for it!
Daddy: Well, when I die you can point at that jar and say, "This, here's my Pa!"
Aric: If you want that, I can put your ashes in....
Daddy: No, they don't put ashes in jars like that. They put it in urns....

We opened the gifts in the dark, dimly lit by the electric and genuine candles. We also ate together in the same situation. It was so fun to be able to discuss things in a humorous light, despite Aneira's fear of the dark, and my not yet grown out fear of impenetrable darkness(which it was before we lit the candles....). The lights outside were even out! The whole neighbourhood was out! And so as Daddy said, we were gonna play a game called, "Guess what I have in the dark!", and so when we opened the gifts, Aneira was first--being the youngest--then me, then Aric, then Daddy, and then Mum! Aneira's reaction to her playdough was of child-like glee, my reaction to To Save a Life, and the book which came with it was more.... wild? When my eyes had lain upon the film I sat there for a good second, trying to comprehend what I was holding. Then out of nowhere, I let out a squeal of joy and repeatedly said, "OHMIGOSH! Thank you! OHMIGOSH! THANK YOU!", Aric's reaction to his nifty gloves was of the calm reserved realization that, "I needed these! Thank you!", I showed you Daddy's reaction to his gift, and Mum was like, "Oh my gosh! Cappuccino! Thank you, Aric!"

One of the conversations between us was quite the comedy!

Aric: I'm going into the fridge to get a drink. **goes towards the back, to the fridge there.**
Daddy: No, we need to preserve the air in there, we don't know how long the power will be out!
Aric: But, I'm thirsty!
Daddy: Then get water.
Aric: No. Soda. **continues to walk**
Daddy: Please, don't.
Aric: Fine... **sits down**
Mom: Perhaps we could go to QT, and get a soda, there!
Daddy: And do what? Stare strangely at them next to the ice cream bar? **gives a long, silent dazed look at us** "Can I help you sir?" **returns to the stare** "Err sir?" **continues** "Look, I'll buy you an ice cream cone, if you just stop looking at me like that!" **chuckles with a grin at the uproar of laughter from the entire family**

I tried to go to sleep at 7:30pm, however, it was cold and too early for me to doze off.... And so, I waited it out, when the power finally came back! I went to bed at 2:30am, totally drained from attacks from two unknown enemies, at the same time, also drained because of the late hour, and lastly, because of sitting at my computer for about an hour and a half, writing an email to six of my dear friends.... and so I was pretty much pooped! I collapsed into bed and doze off almost immediately after, images of my creative worlds whirling in my mind. And so, I woke up at 8:30am this morning, nobody's up, and it's Christmas Day! We'll be building the gingerbread house, opening our gifts, and then we'll have haggis, shepherd's pie, and spinach souffle!

But, I remember this season isn't about the gifts under the tree! It is about THE gift in which God the Father gave to us, this night--a chance at everlasting life! Joy to the World! The Lord is come! Let Earth receive her King!

[NOTICE: I couldn't write the short story for the gift for today, but I will spend the day, writing it just for everyone here! I have decided for it to be a Christmas comedy of the Inklings of old! I hope it will intrigue my readers!]

All randomity aside, I feel the need to pray for our country(America). I was listening to While we were Sleeping" By: Casting Crowns. And these lyrics pierced at my heart and sent me into tears of sorrow and concern for how the country--and ultimately the world-- is so fallen from morals, love, and joy, that I fear for this world:

"United States of America, looks like another silent night 
As we're fast asleep by the lots of thieves 
To save the trees and kill the children 
And while we're lying in the dark 
There's a shout heard 'cross the eastern sky 
For the Bridegroom has returned 
And has carried His bride away in the night....in the night! 
America, what will we miss while we are sleeping? 
Will Jesus come again and leave us slumbering where we lay? 
America, will we go down in history 
As a nation with no room for its King?
Will we be sleeping? Will we be sleeping?"

It is so sad when you see what sin has done in the hearts of men. I only long to make a difference in the world with Christ's power! Remember, my friends, if you are in need of help, go to the Rock which is higher than us. Find your strength in Christ, He is able, and willing to save! That is what this season is about! He came to this world to save sinners!

Merry Christmas from The Swashbuckler Disciple,
Arianna Schaffer

P.S. May God bless you all this Christmas season with joy, peace, and love! May His hand guide you in the ways of heaven above! May He lead you to the ones in need! So that, the hungry and naked you shall dress and feed! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!

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