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Life IS Change

Well, within 6 months I have to be graduated, have a license, and then GET A LIFE! I'm planning on moving out of South Carolina and into Indiana!  I'll be rooming with a dear dear friend.... after saying goodbye to me dear friends and family from SC... We are planning to have 6 months together then she'll leave to marry her fiance! Meanwhile I'll be really working toward getting graduated and then I'll pack my things and move on out.... To my dear friends out there, please be praying for me that I might be able to do this.... I've never lived outside of SC, so this is a big step for me.... And saying goodbye to my family and friends will be hard....

Also, lately, depression has gripped it's ugly claws over my heart.... I need prayers that I'll get through this... I definitely don't want to be as whiny as Bella from Twilight.... I'm not falling into that deep of a depression though.... but I'm doing a lot of stupid things to cope.....I found …

Chocolate Syrup to Top the Nutty Sundae

**walks in with cowboy hat on** Yup, I've gone awesome.... **tips hat to a man** Whoops too weird, eh? **throws hat off**  I should be in bed.... x3 but I am struggling with meself too hard to sleep! **twiddles with shirt** Well, today was one of those epic days.... My buddy ol' pal, Eli made himself his very own personal blog! Congratulate him on his success over there, guys! Also, I talked to one of me good, good friends.... she told me a story she had written.... IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Also, I'm getting back into anime.... I can join me anime buddies again to just rant about how Gaara's creepy ways turned to the silent gentlemen he had become. WOOHOO!!!! Then we can rant about how Kyo and Yuki are always at it HAH! THEN we can rant about how there should be a Scotland in Hetalia awh maaaan!

Then there's my 6-month dedication to "The Guardian's Chorus".... I have decided to take a break on November for.... **drumroll please** NaNoWriMo!!!!!! Ja, guys I&#…