29 December, 2012

Cuz I'm Arianna and I CAN clean (yet again!)! ;-)

Well, today was a very busy, busy day--and quite strange too! It all started last night--when I went to bed at 2:40am after working on Kingdom Commandos [UNITED!]! In the time that was spent obsessing over perfection in this template, I lost track of time--then I had to yank myself off the pc.... later, I woke up at 7:50am and the first thing I do is go back to doing what I did the night before--and chat with Eli.... :-P So, once I finished talking with him, I went to the fridge in the rec room--where my daddy's studio, the laundry room, the big freezer, and a 2nd fridge is(everything but daddy's studio was in a compact area....) I went into the fridge and got a rather enlarged piece of cake..... 

Well, that speaks for itself, huh? For lunch I had only a small peanut butter sammich and later--at 2:30pm, I started work on my bedroom--mum had told me to clean my side, only.... and not bother with Aneira's stuff....and I said that I was only gonna tidy up a bit--well, being on that sugar rush, I needed to let out the energized mania that came from it! And, so, I started in my computer corner--in which I have named my S.A.K.E.A. which stands for Seclusive Anime Korner of Entmoot Academy! I did not leave it at tidying up--

I started with the floor, then worked my way up to the desk--in which I sorted through drawings, books, music albums, and my own writings--I alphabetized my CD's by artist--and alphabetized their albums' titles as well! I brought over all my DVD's in which I own--Duma, Matilda, Most, Naruto: Shippuden: Season 1, Paul the Apostle, and To Save a Life! I decorated my computer desk with my Naruto figurines--which I got for my 19th birthday from Kat-chan, my Anime Buddy--about two months late, my Hello Kitty box, shaped like a Japanese to go box, my water globe of a cat in a clothes basket--awwhh!--, my masquerade mask which was for the May Homeschool Formal I went to, and a piece from an old costume I used to have of a Harry Potter school robe--Gryffindor! Then I decorated my monitor with bandannas, my MacKenzie Platypus x3 creative, huh? I put my tartan rosette on her--Penelope, a candle, my latest stuffed animal edition--Rosie, the cat with yarn, my mini purple platypus, Cuddles, a Harry Potter stuffed snitch that I got for my birthday when I turn 8 or 9(maybe?)?, and the new edition of the cat card holder! I also rearranged my area a wee bit--a little unnoticeable since I just moved Aneira's toy shelf over to the side....I found a lot of papers--therapy stuff, writings, drawings, and notes from friends(I even found a phone number of someone that I was highly tempted to call(and not for a friendly chat, either :-P )--and on top of that, I found their address.... I threw away the phone number, but I kept the address, probably should trash that too....)! I found old letters and cards from family and friends, and my sketch book! Well, I was quite certain you guys would like to see proof of the clean room, so here it is!

The top of my monitor, with my epic decor!

all my CD's and DVD'S!

my computer, decorated too!

my computer #2

The spiritual books which I plan to read soon!

basic writing/musician corner

my hat collection is kinda getting big, huh?

Fifth Day of Christmas Gift

  • Aric - shades
  • Me - 2-piece gloves <3
  • Aneira - Hello Kitty earbuds
One part of my 2-piece gloves! xD
 I also want to share with you some of the items I found! Here they are!

Ways I wish to change--sound familiar, Eli? I'm sounding like you!--**chuckles** If you cannot read it, it says "Growing up, letting your faith take root, not giving up hope and surrendering to each wave of doubt, and stand up for yourself for once"

A wee lil doodle based on the poem I wrote called A Knitted Scarf!

An unfinished Re-depiction of the Poem, yet again!

Zula, a furry cheetah, in which I was starting to make my 4th--out of 5-- alter-ego! (The alter-egos are gone but their names were Christy Kings--my first alter-ego, which I said was my emotional side of me, Patience Davari--the alter-ego I started to take control of Christy, who was my rational side of me, which seemed to be more there for me to abuse... o.O Naoki Ito--my fangirl side, she wasn't really as big as a problem for me as Christy, nor was she even known as well as Patience..... then Zula the Cheetah--she was more of an alter-ego of adventure, she also was a bit steampunk, so I suppose she was my steampunk side... and then, lastly, Scott O'Neil--analter-ego, based on a character I had in a superhero story in the series The Story of a Christian Superhero.....he was taken over by a demon and had the power of shadows, he liked to torture people and destruct relationships--he was what I called, "The Beast Inside of Me" when I was 15-18, and then he was named when I was 19) Though, I once had this alter-egos, I finally have forsaken them! lolz!

This is a doodle I drew when I was depressed, I felt the need of someone's embrace, and so, I drew this--it is how I picture Christ embracing his princesses!
 Also, I found my most favorite David Meece song in the world!!!!!! I haven't heard it in about TWO YEARS!!!!!! I just now found it!!!!!! Here you are!!!!

Yours truly the Swashbuckler Disciple,
Arianna Joy "Platypus" Schaffer

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