19 August, 2012

Life IS Change

Well, within 6 months I have to be graduated, have a license, and then GET A LIFE! I'm planning on moving out of South Carolina and into Indiana!  I'll be rooming with a dear dear friend.... after saying goodbye to me dear friends and family from SC... We are planning to have 6 months together then she'll leave to marry her fiance! Meanwhile I'll be really working toward getting graduated and then I'll pack my things and move on out.... To my dear friends out there, please be praying for me that I might be able to do this.... I've never lived outside of SC, so this is a big step for me.... And saying goodbye to my family and friends will be hard....

Also, lately, depression has gripped it's ugly claws over my heart.... I need prayers that I'll get through this... I definitely don't want to be as whiny as Bella from Twilight.... I'm not falling into that deep of a depression though.... but I'm doing a lot of stupid things to cope.....I found another reason why I can't have caffeine...... now there's a physical aspect to it...... After finding that out though..... I got more along with something that I KNEW had another bad physical reaction after eating it.... sugar! I am coping with things that could really bring me down.....and the last time I allowed all my cravings to take over me, I became a monster!

And another thing..... I feel a little uplifted today, now that I went to church..... I worshiped God and learned something about The Bread of Life! I feel stronger now that I went.... even though I'm still a wee bit weak. I feel like I can fight another day after so long of feeling like I could never fight! I was crippled and believing myself incapable of standing up.... but God gave me the strength to overcome and now I feel strong!

I have felt awful weak and then I've gained strength..... a lot like this song:

THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!!! I am the Crippled Warrior..... I stand to fight back..... I am weak on my own..... but I am strong when He is near..... I am the Injured Challenger.... Getting back up is never easy.... But when I fight for Him.... I CAN BE STRONG IN HIM!!!!!!!!

Searching for the Crippled Warrior,
Mari J. Fahel

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  1. Strength will rise as you wait upon the LORD :) No Worries !!! Greater things are yet to come !!!


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