13 September, 2012

Coffee, Choco, and Cute! OH MY!

Today, I've been craving chocolate and coffee..... and it's been a interesting.... I want to wear a cowboy hat, shades, and old fashioned country boots and knee-length skirt and button-up calico shirt and vest! Then I want a cup o' good 'ole fashioned coffee.... with a bar of chocolate! But..... I must say:

Bacon and chocolate separately is great, but who would eat it together? SOMEONE must cuz below is a picture of some Mummy and I found a while back at Whole Food.....

 Below here is a mug that Mummy took a picture of a while back.... Just right for my good 'ole fashioned coffee.....<3333

And the cute has arrived..... **drumroll please** MY LITTLE PONY! :3 Yup, I like that show! It's CUTE!

Lost in the world of thought,
Arianna (Mari) Joy

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