16 January, 2014

Everything's Gonna Be Alright --Face Your Doubts

Fear vs. Courage --a talk with the Father

By: Arianna P. Scriptsmith

I lay on the ground, weeping heavily and shaking in my ripped shirt, on the floor. My tears pooled in a puddle on the tiles. I shuddered there as if cold.

"Why do you cry my child?" a soothing, still voice came over me as if a hand lay a warm blanket over me.
I looked up to the ceiling, with tears staining my cheeks, "Oh, Father, I am afraid."

"What is it that you are afraid of? Have I not commanded you not to fear?" the voice responded to me, in a voice of kind rebuking.

I tensed up, as if preparing for something unpleasant, "I-- I am afraid, because I am not able. I fear that I will hurt the brother I care for. I back him up... but, I'm afraid that I'll fall back down. I'm afraid I'll just be another one of that long list of people that fought by his side... and became a traitor I--"

Something like a loving embrace took me by surprise as I heard Him whisper in my ear again, "Child, don't be afraid. I AM with you. You will surly not fall back with me by your side. Rest, with your heart at peace. For I have not given you a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. Be still, and know that I AM God. I am everything you need in the next battle and the next and the next. Just rely on Me and not your own understanding. Peace I give to you, child, sleep."

Did It Matter Anyway?

By: Arianna P. Scriptsmith

Here I am, as I claw my helmet off
Throwing it to the floor, and dragging my feet to lie down
Raking my fingers through my hair I groan in bottled up rage
Sighing and shutting my eyes to the scent of my crisp sheets
There I lay, broken and tattered down in a field
The gold blades of tall grass, blowing in the breeze
I crawled through the tall grass, to a laughing stream
Dipping my bloodied hand into the cool carressing flow
I weep right there and moan, "Lord, did it matter anyway?"

A gentle hand was placed on my back as the Voice I loved spoke
"Let me ask you another question, and I hope you will hear
Did it matter when I, on the cross, cried out the payment done?
What of when those 40 days and nights I walked the wilderness rebuking Satan to go?
Tell me if it mattered at all when I took the form of a babe?
But, of course, it mattered... and so does your fight for Me.
Don't give it all up, for this, when trials will bring endurance
You can make it, by my Spirit, so don't fret anymore.
Take My strength, for you are weak, and I will raise you up."

Opening up my eyes again, I was in the dark of my room
Looking to my feet, I sighed, and bent to bear my helm
Topping it upon my head, I straightened up, full height
Marching out of my room, I pulled out the blade and stopped
A shadow looked into my eyes, unwavering onto it's non-form
I stared it down, fearlessly and drove the sword into it's head
Light pierced in the room, blinding my deathly eyes
Just in time to bring back sight, enough to see the demon gone

"It takes time, pain...and a lot of it." --Daddy

...And that requires that you turn and face the fears/doubts/etc. and ask your questions, don't be afraid to not know.

"Lord, bolden my daughter and my wife when it comes to prayer, bring out their voices in courage. so that they dont worry about what anybody think... that they'd be strong and courageous and end this spirit of timidity." --Daddy

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