06 March, 2014

The Hurt & The Healer --Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays

Warrior Healer

By: Arianna Persephone Scriptsmith

Look at your reflection in the mirror, my sweet
Make a decision, with head held high
Shoulders back, choose a path
You're a warrior, they often say
Wipe away those tears, I know she's dead
But, you couldn't save her, so moving on
March ahead, you'll pull through
Remember who you're fighting for it's not about you
Trust The Lord with all your heart
It's about Him, so glorify His name
Remember there's a plan through it all
You'll not always be in the storm
Await His revelation, the light will shine through
And-- wait what is that?
A rainbow is overhead
Remember Yaweh's promises are ever true

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