27 May, 2014

Poetic Revelry - Armed and Fully Loaded - discussion

Yesterday, I shared a photo on facebook, which inspired a poem called Armed and Fully Loaded. I have it up on my Sea of Faces poetry compilation on Wattpad, but I'm also sharing it here and will explain to you how it speaks to me...

The Inspiration of the Poem

I am a child
Chosen to fight a war
A Spirit war in my soul
The heart of a monster wild
To steal, kill and destroy the poor
Yet the One who chose me came to make me whole

I've got the Word
I'm ready for a blitzkrieg
Armed and fully loaded I stand
Firm in the Most High Lord
I shan't be afraid I refuse to retreat
Because The Lord is at my right hand

Yes, devils and demons, it's fully loaded
And no I'm not afraid to use it!
For too long you have intruded
On The Lord's property, but now in His name you shall go to the pits!

At a not so distant time for me, I had taken quite a fancy to evil things and shadows. I was quite curious and it was fun at the time for me to explore occults, cults, demonic activity and horrific things. I invited demons into my thoughts, spirit and home... This had me on my knees and being ripped to shreds by them, until every bit of them seemed to be what I became... When I was able to stand up for myself, my faith, and my Lord... it was only when I had been run down and broken enough that I just wanted to "forget everything and run" away from it all... but instead, I chose to "face everything and rise" from these ashes and that is the story behind this, when I was inspired by that photo...Well, thank you guys for taking time to read this, and until next time...

Peace out and rock on!
--Arianna Scriptsmith

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