15 May, 2014

Everything's Gonna Be Alright Thursdays - Trust in the Lord

Vessel Upon the Waters

By: Arianna Scriptsmith
She sails upon the water's rage
A storm is tossing her from her way
But she carries on the vessel of sight
Going on by works and her own might

In this storm, she turns back to Yaweh
her crew cries out "He shall remember us, surely!"
The crew is tossed to and fro
I cling tight to her stern to hide from what I don't know

The water hits me trying to knock me off
I swallow salt water until I choke and cough
I cry and shout, "Oh, Have I been forsaken?
Covered by my guilt, shame and sin?"

But in my doubt what is this I hear?
A still small voice in my ear
"I have not forgotten you, My child
Let go of the stern, and you'll walk on the waves that are wild!"

In trust and reliance I release my grip
For I know that His catch shall not slip
Falling down into the ocean wave
I sink a little but rise on this impossible path to pave

I walk on the water, for in my faith I stand
With One who constantly has my hand
It is clearly time to serve El Shaddai!
It is time to trust My Adonai!

As the vessel of the world sinks beneath
I realize her time was so very brief
And as I look up, the clouds pull apart
The sun rays through for a beacon of truth to touch my heart...

"This is my command-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." 
~Joshua 1:9

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