05 May, 2014

Randomity Mondays - Glowing in the Shadows

Well, I've not written in some time, so starting this would be great huh? So, in this post I'm going to highlight a few points of when I last posted.

First off, I have a new favorite band called ShatterRED. It isn't my typical style, but I have actually fallen right for the style now... I bought their album "Scarlet Rain" and I really love all the songs on there, but one that really stood out to me was "Like the Lie"

I constantly scream "I don't want to be free" Why do you keep listening? What if I like the lie? What if I don't hate my crimes? What if I enjoy the feeling like I'm burning inside? Can I be free from a pain that I don't want to escape! Somebody, anybody help me I just want to be saved! I don't like the lie! I want to hate my crimes! I'm sick of burning inside! Won't anybody, somebody save me from the lie?

And I was thinking that it wasn't too long ago that I'd have said the same thing. The thing that really stands out is their band name. The fact that I noticed them when I needed it most. What with my shattered spirit, it was almost as if God revealed them to me. The music was something I needed so much, so I am grateful to God for their ministering to those like me, the Lord is using them in ways that they may not realize.

Also, I've been working a lot on wattpad and twitter now have more followers than ever before. Folks are really enjoying my writings... which I'm pretty surprised about. Doing plenty of projects for coping skills and am looking forward to commissioning out!

Daily Audio Bible has become my main focal point and centering to God's word has helped me to hear His calling. Now I'm waiting for His voice to speak to me in the area of a calling that I've felt for years... There's no rush, if it from God, He'll direct my feet. For more details on that, read the post on here!

Also, I'm spending more time with my family lots more than usual... Going out more and enjoying the fellowship I have with them more than I've ever before.

At the Farmer's Table, my word art on my box o' food! x3

The food I had. It was an Ultimate HBLT (black forest ham, maple smoked bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato) sammich with my 2nd fave type of crisps!)

I've been becoming a total gypsy... o.O and I can honestly say that if it's not fruits and veggies, I don't like sugars, anymore :P

My brother, however... *giggles* will eat and play with cotton candy ;) he's the Lorax! I still think he looks like an old angel :P

And, May 3rd...(free comic book day) I got a comic book artist to draw my John Watson and tried to mimic his impression, anyone think I did it well?

I've been watching my brother, Aric, playing Skyrim and it's real fun to sit, silently on the sidelines as he plays.

There he is again, hypnotized by the screen ;)

Also, yesterday was spring fling, in Spartanburg... and it was quite enjoyable to be there! So I'll share a few highlights in there...

At the Music tent.

The Famous Brothers Kenndey doing trampoline stunts for the first time at Spartanburg, SC!

Later, I found out, Aric took Aneira to the army/navy booths and learned she held her weight on a bar for 50 seconds, and worked harder than any of the boys with her pushups... but she had to do more to get a tee-shirt, lanyards and badges... but somehow got it cuz she did it longer and harder than any of the other kids, next I knew, she was there in an army shirt three times her size, wearing three lanyards... later, Aric is crafting for her and cardboard "bully-proof" armor, having beforehand, bought her a rubber band gun... and now, she is obsessed with being the soldier and Aric's constantly using soldier terms... -.- but, she feels like she's protecting her friends and family now o.O

See our guardian angel, Freeze... what would we do without her? ;)
So yeah, it's been a full month... and I've not even gotten into all the way to March, but I think stopping here is enough! :P

Shalom to you all,
Arianna Scriptsmith

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