16 May, 2014

Visionary Storytime Fridays - The Shattered Wine Glass

 I informed you about this story on this past Wednesday's post. So, here I am, posting it! I hope you guys enjoy it! (:

Inspired by: Meredith Andrews’s “Worth it All” 

There was a wine glass, favored of the lord of the house. He had created it to shine golden in the sun, and twinkle sapphire in the starlight. At the end of the day, the lord of the house would take a sip of wine in this cup and sit himself down to play his highland. He, himself would wash and dry it by hand, and place it gently in its place, hanging on its own. He was extra careful for he knew its fragility, and knew how precious it was. 

But, one day when he came home for his glass. It was not in its usual place. No, someone had taken it from the shelf. He searched for it and saw it nowhere, having had created it in such a special way it hurt that his unique piece of art was gone. This wine glass, however was taken and stolen away. But, the thief-- a Minotaur, did not see how precious the glass was. For it became like any crystal wine glass for him, conforming to please the thief. He drank merrily with the glass, and other crystal glasses as well. He did not wash it the tenderly and carefully, shoved it into a cupboard. The glass began to crack, slowly and subtly, while the other glasses cracked along with it, as the minotaur became drunk with wine. As he became intoxicated once again in the stormy rain, he lost the precious glass. As the glass rolled down to a muddy path, leading up to the Lord’s house, the water half filled it and it sat there til the sun broke through the next morning. 

That morning, the Lord was taking a walk, and he saw the glass on the path, the shattered places so distinct. His heart broke at the sight of his glass, half full of muddy water. He reached down for the cup and expertly tapped a tender spot. The glass shattered and broke on the path. But a song raised to the Lord’s ears, a broken cry to be mended. He moved his fingers through the air, coloured lights, pink for purity, white for righteousness, sapphire for serenity, and violet for freedom fixed the glass and raised the water high, as he cleansed it, it became pure. He gently tapped the large glob of water transfiguring it to a scarlet liquid, which fell into the mended glass as he took a sip of the singing cup. 

Carrying it to the house, the Lord washed it and dried it, tenderly and gently. Then placing it in its place, he smiled in good pleasure over the glass, now flowing in a new way. Golden flames sapphire water, white, violet and pink lights filling the sky as a sunrise would do. As the lord turned around, and took his seat in the den, he picked up his whistle and played the tunes of the highlands.

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