07 May, 2014

Soundwave Story Wednesdays - Spread the Peace

Hello and welcome to yet another  Soundwave Story Wednesday! Today's theme is on being children of peace unto a world of chaos! Today, I don't have the video for this song, but it's Instuments of Peace by David Kauffman. It can be found on the Millennium Worship 2 Album on the 2nd disk

"Lord make us instruments of your peace Where there is hatred let your love increase Lord make us instruments of your peace Walls of pride and prejudice shall cease When we are your instruments of peace 

Where there is hatred, we will sow His love; Where there is injury, we will never judge. Where there is striving, we will speak His peace To the people crying for release; We will be His instruments of peace. 

Where there is blindness, we will pray for sight; Where there is darkness, we will shine His light. Where there is striving, we will bear their grief To the millions crying for release; We will be His instruments of peace."

Yesterday, I remembered a brother in the faith. Yes, I still consider him as a brother even though he might not consider me to be his sister, but he was finding it difficult to be held in peace. His bitterness, fear and wounds became hatred. I hold him up as an example, because, that is where our place is. Our call is to be the ambassadors of Christ, because we might just be the only bible that anyone will ever see. We could very well be the brush that God wants to use to paint over the greys in their life. If we'd only sacrifice ourselves to be so.

There are so many who are in darkness. So many imprisoned souls, out there. Those who willingly lock themselves up, when the gate has been opened for many, if they'd only know that it was. But they enjoy the dark. They obsess with fighting against it. They ever even realize that sometimes the best thing to do is just step out of the situation. We, as the Light of the World, should be the ones to aim to guide them. God very well may have a plan through our obedience and witness. Don't discount yourself.

Let us open our own eyes, wake ourselves up to the others who seek. Let us stand to reflect the light of Christ. Let us be the unified Bride of Christ in peace. It is not an option, we will be known by our love, so it is a commandment. Love one another here in the Earth. Because when it's all said and done, that's all that will matter.

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