20 May, 2014

Randomity M̶o̶n̶d̶a̶y̶s̶ Tuesdays?? - Gluten Free, Highland Games, and Guests! OH MY!

Alrighty, today's Tuesday and SHOULD be on "People Like Us".... But I'm a lil rebel, today... :P

This week has been busy, lately... The business started this past Saturday... We left to Simpsonville to my Gramma Jeannette's house to finish cleaning out her house of what she had possessed before passing on. Then went to Main St. in Greenville to wander around the stores... We ate more gluten-free pizza from Trio Brickhouse Pizza, I believe it was called... After that we, once again, got gluten free and sugar free ice cream... (I got Ginger Cookie Ice Cream! Mmmm it was awesome!)... When we got home, I didn't have my meds so daddy had to go out late and get it for me...Passed out in my bed around 12:30am...

Sunday, I didn't sleep well, but I went to church anyway... I was also going to be donating blood to blood connections as well, but they pricked both my fingers to test my blood... my iron level was too low also having had cut 6 weeks ago, that was another drawback....

The sermon was given to us by a guest(Reverend Dr. Bob Grant) I would like to share the points of the sermon that I liked most...

Fave quotes in it:
  • "...and what was David doing? Out with the sheep having a sandwich.... he was doing what was normal... oh and there's what you gotta watch out for... God likes to pick the normal people to be difference makers."
  • "And who here has felt like they didn't have enough faith?" *I bow my head in shame...* "Uh huh... and SOME of you are bowing your heads... being HONEST!" *I shoot my head back up*
  • "...and what Paul is saying here in this passage--the word literally means "sphere"... so you've got a measure of faith... now EVERYONE SAY THIS WITH ME! 'I have a measure of faith and it is enough to fill the sphere of responsibilities that I can work with'!"

After church, I went to talk to Reverend Dr. Grant, and talked to him... because I heard my pastor say he had one hosted a show in Colorado...I told him of what I've felt called to do with Soundwaves of Love...how I wished to go in a radio show ministry, focusing on those with broken hearts, mental illnesses, cutting habits, and suicidal idealization...Our conversation went a bit like this:

"I heard our pastor Charlie say that you hosted a radio show in Colorado at one point..." and I told him of my ministry, that I've been seeking signs that this is my calling and I received many, but I wasn't sure it was from God... and I told him exactly what it pertained to...

he listened intently and then he said, "I'd like to pray for you. What's your name?"

"Arianna." I responded.

"Arianna? Did I say it right?" he asked me.


"Well, Arianna, I'd like to pray for you. This radio show sounds great! And I just hope it flourishes..." then he prayed over me, blessing me... blessing my show... and then saying, "Help Arianna see what she believes are disadvantages... to be truly strengths..." and he closed the prayer.

So, then we went to Farmer's Table because we had a new member to our church... and were celebrating with our church.... I became rather childlike... and began to draw with crayons...

Celtic Trinity Knot and Greek Christ symbol (with Aneira's pink heart of approval)
Cross of Hope on the day's dawning....

Both drawings
So, Monday... I helped mum prepare for a meeting at her work all over again... So, heavy lifting, preparing tables, and setting out snacks... last night I helped with name badges and lists... but all that was catching up with me, after a while I passed out for a nap that afternoon, had supper, went to bed late... and slept almost all day today... I missed all of my daily projects, yesterday due to over-exertion.... and this week's only supposed to get busier...

All week we have to clean/tidy up a bit in the house by Friday... find clothes to wear by Saturday... then Saturday, go to the Highland Games! It's supposed to get hot that day, but I hope it isn't... ): This is the first one I'll be to with out Gramma Jeannette as well... so that'll be a lil hard for me... also, the highland games could very well spark some unwanted feelings, about a friend in the near-past... still a deep wound I'm recovering from... But, Sunday evening... we're having two families over as well! The theme is towels and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe!

So... now you know what's going on....

Peace out and rock on!
--Arianna Scriptsmith

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