23 January, 2014

Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Finding Your Beauty

The Mirror Lies (REVISED!)

If I told you who I was
I'd only know this to start;
I love to seek for the good in things
And adventure is my goal
I know that my heart mourns of things
In ways uniquely known
A joy arrayed in His light
To shine to the Hope of all
I know that what calls me forth in faith
Visions, dreams, music, and love
Colours and sounds in the world
I've often spoke with them alone
I am a child who lives life in sorrow
But, not all can even see
I have a simplicity yet a mystery about my life
That baffles the world and even me
They call me odd, mad and stupid
A fool, insane, posessed
But, I prefer to call myself unique
A mystery behind a veil
I am like a corridor of puzzles
Which has yet to be unlocked
Each day I find something new and hidden
And it comes to heal my heart
So, essentially I am a healing detective
I seek and venture through my world
Can't stay in one spot for long
For I long after spreading His word
I love to travel and wish I could more
I know my curiosity at times
Breaks me down to fear
But if I sought after the Lord again
These words would be fullfilled in me;
"The ones who seek shall find
The ones who ask receive."
Well in that light I choose to hope
That Christ with bless the Seeker in me
--A Seeker in Me by Arianna Persephone Scriptsmith

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