25 November, 2013

(Titles? I wish you wouldn't pressure this on me... welll, alright...) Bananas are good.

Alright, as some of you know, I've been hoping to write music for my lyrics/poems... Well, I'm starting now, with these song:

Title: The Ending of it All
Written by: Arianna Schaffer
Project: Illuminance (my musical project name)

End it now... (whispered)

[V1] End your sorrow and end your pain
Give up the hope of tomorrow
There is never a shame
In stopping your breath with a single stroke
So, bend at the knee, and pose the knife
Give up yourself... give up on life!
Such are the lies I hear in bed
Every night, I hear that I should be dead

[Pre-Chorus] But, I will stand, I will not be fooled
It's dangerous for these devils to use my soul
Because, I'm no puppet on their string
My life belongs to the King of all kings

[Chorus] So, now I say I end this now!
The voices' chants can not control me
(I end this now,)
I break the ritual, pray my soul be set fee
(I end it now...)
I don't want my life to end here
(I end it now...)
For grace to draw me near
(I end this...)

[V2] End your life and stop your heart
Cut the vein, the blood will satisfy
Your death is eminent, we'll tear you apart
Until, you do this, you aim to die
It should end just perfectly fine
You don't need to suffer anymore...
Such are the lies I gave into once before
Allowing my heart to become sin's whore

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]

[Bridge] Do not let the shadows rule your heart
You are more than they make out
Just stand up to fight this fight
Then I call you to make a war cry shout...

I'm no puppet on their string
My life belongs to the King of all kings!


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