14 November, 2013

Frontline Overcomers

As a child I thought as a child, I played as a child, I spoke as a child, and understood things as a child would, but as I grew up I noticed that the world is a darker place than I could comprehend as a little child. I learned that everyday was a fight. Every breath was like a step, and every heartbeat was like the war drums, and making any decision during the day was transformed into a battle of right and wrong. Every day was an act of rebelling or peacemaking. What made me the person I am now were these conflicts in life that was just daily living

Are any of you aware that there is an invisible war going on? Most folks go on with their day as if they are not affected by this war, but the truth of it is, everybody fights in it... It's the side they have chosen that makes them a victor or not.

Ever since August 20th of this year, I've been training myself to work towards perfecting, improving and changing my ways. I have slipped more than my fair share, but, although I've failed in some things even if the 'some things' are really 'several things', I decided that I'll be a new person. I will be the first to admit that it is difficult, and I know that it will get even more so. I'm just glad to be on the winning side.

In Christ Alone,
The Scriptsmith

PS this was our sunset a couple of days ago, it made the trees look like they were set ablaze(also the sunset wasn't in the west this time, it was in the east!):

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