17 November, 2013

Joy Upon the Lord and the Power of YAWEH!

A very fruitful church service... and Sunday school was insightful too... :) in Sunday school we covered visions, and the difference between them and dreams... We learned that the place between waking and sleeping is where we are open most to God's voice.  The sermon was on Luke 21:5-19 and this stood out to me:

-cults are attractive
-these thing _must_ happen, but there is no need to be terrified.
-stress & fear can make us forget Jesus' assuring promise.
-persecution of believers have escalate... since the year, 2000 there have been more than a million believers martyred or persecuted
-do not fear do not hate, God _will_ give us words of truth...
-like a child who awaits Christmas, we are to look forward to what is to come...
-we are not wishing our lives away by exciting over Heaven... we are longing for the life ahead.

then we had a pop sermon from our worship pastor, Nowell, who aimed to convict us to give thanks to God... it was amazing...

Plenty of topics I struggled with, this week were resolved... and I felt that my relationship with God was right, and so, I went for the weekly communion, with a light heart... Went into intercessory prayer... and confessed my pride and asked for prayer for the strength to overcome... was anointed with oil... and was able to sing and be filled with joy...

And what with all my sweet girls throwing arms on me and complimenting me on my hair and sweater, I left with a more lifted spirit. Many compliments for my insight as well... And folks' adoration of the cute kitty, birdhouse, and pine tree sweater, and many laughs about heavy bags for sleepovers, and how it compared to the weight of our friend, Sam's bass guitar... and my, little moose, Rachel playful, aiming to "maime me" with the case... and not to mention my dear "adopted" brother-like cousin guy's cuteness as he gave me his email and I sent The Alchemist's Sanctuary... then visiting Gramma and seeing my adoptive Grandmother and then coming home... and meeting a very nice family, there whom Aneira played with...I can honestly say I'm feeling quite good about life...

Let's not forget that GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! AND ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD! I am very blessed, even though I have been struggling... leaving the past where it belongs...in the past... and living in the today, and longing for the future!

Peace out and rock on!
Miss "Red Mystery Halo" Arianna Scriptsmith

(oh! got a new nickname, from my moose, Rachel...you can mostly see brown in my hair, but when the light casts on it... it makes this mystery halo-ish glow... :3)

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