12 January, 2015

"I wanna feel it when I mean it when I say it can you hear me at all?"

This month, I am beginning some challenges, small groups, and I started my first visit into 2015's Writing Show hosted in my library... I would really love to invite you all to join a challenge in particular with me, however...

I know, we, as humanity have such a hard time with prayer. We somehow think we must be official and have the greatest vocabulary to discuss matters with God, as if that will impress him... Or we bring God this looooooong wishlist as if He's Santa Claus... So, Max Lucado in this devotional is making it simple for us... 4 minutes everyday for 4 weeks, praying.

Click the photo and it should send you to where you can buy this!

In my last post, I mentioned dailyaudiobible, it's not too late if you want to join the community in listening to the bible in a year, it never is anyway... I'd suggest you pick up from the day you get on and keep going... It'll change your life, I assure you of that! You will not come out of it the same...

And from January 20th - March 24th my church's women's group will be doing a study in Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul, which I shall be a participant in. I'm looking quite forward to this women' small group!

Tomorrow, mum will be starting her first semester in Liberty University. And with her having a fulltime 8am-4pm job, being a homeschool mother, the lay ministries coordinator and helper at the  youth group at our church, and designing a commission website, she'll be busy... Be praying for her, my brothers and sisters in Christ, please... She's kinda concerned over this...

I've been stuck on writing journal entries and poetry, lately. Also, have been publishing them on my wattypad... I'm trying to assess myself and I feel as though God is calling me to find my all in Him. I am doing this because of these promptings:

  • Everybody's saying I'm beautiful... I acknowledge that I look pretty, beautiful even... but I look deeper than the outward appearance in all people, including myself... So, when I look into the mirror, into my eyes, all I see is fear. Always fear. As if there's a huge screen inside my eyes and it's just permanent... Then I look at the qualities of what I actually DO in my fear... I lie to, betray, manipulate not only everyone else, but myself... I can never go beyond that point. If I am fearfully and wonderfully made and God sees something precious when He looks on me, and I am the apple of His eye. If all that is true, then how can I see past my fear to see myself as He sees me? I don't want to say that I don't feel fearfully and wonderfully made, because feelings are so very deceptive. In fact, I'm just skipping that argument altogether and going straight to this question; how can I see myself the way God sees me?

  • Then there is trust. I have such a difficult time trusting anyone as of late... but I am not going to start by learning to trust humanity... I want to start by learning to trust in God. If any of you guys have read my journal entry, The Doctor Knows Best... you might notice in it I talk about trusting that the Healer knows what He's actually saying when He says "no". It isn't to take the good things away, but in His loving wisdom He knows we are ill, and He wants us to be well. Because He is God, and we are not God. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do(the link is on the title). I really want to work on this.. Because, I want to so depend on Him so that I can have the courage to take that leap of faith and know wherever this goes, He will be there.

  • Then there is the extent of our sinfulness and the extent of the pain that Christ had to go through in this life to save the lost... And WHY we believe. And WHY He had to die for the sins... And the pain of the crucifixion... because, we, in the Western World, especially cannot comprehend the road to the cross and how determined Christ HAD to be to keep going... Look guys, it wasn't oh, hop in a car or plane and be there within 2 hours... No, it was much further and longer than that, and He knew where He was going. He knew He'd die the most humiliating and excruciating death known to mankind... then, deeper into it, He knew He'd have to face the agony of being forsaken by His Father, who He was one with from the very beginning! I want to learn the way of the cross...
And if I learn this and grow in this, I know and believe that I will learn how to walk as a woman of faith... I am willing to let go of whatever will hinder my growth in faith. Relationships, hobbies, desires, mindsets, whatever I have, the Lord has full access to it...

So, all of that together in one sentence; There's gonna be a [RADICAL and EPIC] change!

[Quote is from this song below...]

Soooooo, that's that...God bless you all.
May fair winds follow you and the Author guide you.
Fare thee well!

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