17 December, 2013

Projects for 2014

Many people make a whole bunch of promises of what they'll do in the New Year... I'm no longer going to participate in that... but I will show you what is on the agenda from now until possibly the Summer... I'll be taking it by ear... and one step at a time...

  1. This Month: I'm working on going through my media... based on two "models" C.A.N. (Does it celebrate sin? Is the sin accessible? Does it normalize sin?) and "How does it make me feel?" These are models that my daddy uses with his media.
  2. Next Monday: I'm starting a novel-in-a-year activity... 350 words in 260 days with weekends off. Aiming to post biweekly if not weekly updates @ my watty
  3. Next month: Aiming to begin selling my artwork @ my deviantART
  4. After Christmastime: Working to get my highschool diploma in homeschool.
  5. Next year: I'll be aiming for jobs/volunteer work. Looking into Mary Kay. Also aiming to volunteer for my Library's Store
  6. Through the Year: Making gifts for special occasions(bdays/anniversaries/Christmas)
  7. Sometime next year: Getting a bike and stuff to accompany it for my main source of travel and bus tickets for when it rains.
This may change as time goes by... but there are a few, I know will stay.

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