02 July, 2013

Scriptsmith ☧'s June 2013 Creations

June has been filled with creations.....And from July 22nd-August 3rd, I will aim to start back up the unfinished projects that I began, but I will be focusing on homeschool, chores, and my ministry, Kingdom Commandos Radio up until then.

COLLISION A SHORT STORY BY: ARIANNA SCRIPTSMITH (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

One boy and one girl are polar opposites. While Dimitri is in a loving home with his grandparents, he craves darkness. And while Sincerity is in a broken home,(her mother, legally insane and for that reason she was taken from her mother and sent to her father, who after their divorce dated and dumped several girlfriends in a matter of weeks) she craves the light.

When Sincerity moves into Dimitri's neighbourhood, the unlikely duo become very close friends, as Sincerity reaches out through Dimitri's shadows out to him. As the two of them grew closer, though, they were thrust into a reality of a war between angels and demons. Transforming their lives, God had called the two to battle, where a great sacrifice will await them. But, will the two pass as Guardians? Will the two survive this collision?

ARTWORK FOR COLLISION  (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

THE GAELIC GUARDIAN +Eli Cornell (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)


AMANDA KATIE +Amanda Wood  (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

SILENCE IN THE CORNER (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

2 CHRONICLES 7:14 (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

WARRIOR-BRIDE OF CHRIST (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

VISIONARY COLOURS (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

My brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. James 1:2-3
Imagine a little girl in green.
All her shades of colors are seen,
She means what she says and says what she means,
That her life is new and redeemed!

Imagine a little girl in blue.
Her tears of pain cry out to you,
Her heart so cold, she knows not what to do,
Her light fades, is no longer new!

Imagine Him dying in red.
Truth rings out, He rose like He said,
When will you all rise out from your bed,
To do as He commands and said?

Imagine a child in darkest black.
To go to glass from using tacks,
Realize the dark in you will hack,
If to Christ’s grace you won’t go back!

Imagine yourself in bright violet.
You have just escaped the violence,
You’re free, able, so don’t you fret,
It’s because Christ’s mercies you have met,

Imagine a man in dimming brown.
A smile from him changed your frown,
You knew he was strange in that town,
But he claimed he'd get the crown!

Now, picture the man in streets of gold.
By Christ, he sings songs of old,
That claims the Gospel that was told
Proclaimed by his tongue, so bold!

Imagine the saints arrayed in white.
Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb,
Their faith has now been made their sight,
Lifting up their voice and hands!

Imagine a knight clad in light grey,
A sad, wry smile comes your way,
You look at him with no words to say,
Unknowing the price he pays...

Will you just stare at these troubled souls?
Forget what Christ to you told?
Or will you reach out and your hands unfold?
Comforting these shattered souls!

Some will have lost their dearest loved ones.
Others forget Yaweh's vows,
Some will never see the light of the sun,
Some want out and don't know how!

"You are the light of the world," Christ said
So, why don't we shine His light?
Take these lessons to you, which I've laid
And be strong with Christ's love and might!

FLOWERS (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

ARTWORK FOR A CRIPPLED WARRIOR (Copyright © Arianna Scriptsmith 2013)

(Above) Professional swordplay...learning from their moves.....(AT GREENVILLE HIGHLAND GAMES)

May fair winds follow you and the True Author guide you.

☧ Arianna Scriptsmith ☧

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