08 February, 2013


I wrote this poem last night about my experience with communications sites(like Facebook, Chatango, Wattpad, Twitter) I hope you guys like it!

Yours truly, the Swashbuckling Disciple,
Mari J. Fahel

I am the eyes of first impressions
To look at you in awkward silence
I am the text upon that screen
Drawing closer the average teen

I am the voice inside your ear
Never revealing a single tear
The handshake of polite “hello”s
Talks beguiling tones of mellow

Hi, I am all communications
Be aware, very aware of me
I bring those with dark pasts to you
They come and their true selves you’ll see

I am texts, I am chats
You will afraid of yourself
Put on a mask and no one will see that
I am that voice in your head
Telling you, “You must be perfect”
I am communications, you see?
Be aware, very aware of me!

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