31 January, 2013

“Lily, do you know where Joyce is?” “STOP!” “Oh my word! I almost stepped on her!”

Sorry for not updating since New Year's. Stress started piling up(mostly from SAD and family issues), but I am finally coming to a form of stability and am able to manage and maintain a certain peace now... So, I'm updating this after a long time and first I'm going to talk about the 9th-12th days of Christmas, cuz I left off at 8th!

Ninth Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Me: eyeglass holder
  • Aneira: hairbows
  • Aric: certificate of aversion(one days of not doing dishes... xP)

Tenth Day of Christmas Gifts

  • Me: earbuds
  • Aneira: necklace
  • Aric: homemade coupon(allows him to have his XBOX time all night starting at 8pm)

Eleventh Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Aric: homemade coupon(treated to soda)
  • Me: purple magnetic bracelet/necklace 
  • Aneira deck of playing cards(snowman shaped)

Twelfth Day of Christmas Gifts:

  • Me: headband
  • Aneira: little Hello Kitty tin(with candy)
Oh kark....it's been quite the ride this month! So, where do I start? Guess I'll start at....



I have been secluded in a cramped corner for far too long.....my bunk bed blocks the view of the door...making this bedroom to be a spiritual, emotional, and mental death trap! And so in steps we want the room to wind up like this:
  • Bunk bed torn down, and rebuilt to be up against the wall
  • My dresser elsewhere
  • My pc shoved where my dresser is(it's a more open corner, not at private)
  • Lego table in the middle of the room
  • drawers shelves lessened, two for me sis, three for me....(arranged artistically)


Getting a Life!

Scripture: I am into the word more times than I have ever been, even through the times from June to December! 2013 is a new year, not only time wise, but spiritually! Yes, I have made major mistakes this year, that I regret sincerely, but when you think about it....those mistakes brought me closer to God, intensified the longing for God! I have been reading Jesus Calling By: Sarah Young in the morning(been like an adventure in each daily devotional....every devo seems to be specific for that day! IT'S AMAZING!), I read(past tense) a chapter in the book of Galatians each afternoon and am in the midst of memorizing Psalm 23....

Homeschool/College?: Yup, still in high school, asked mum if she could help me with my homeschool more often than she has.... Apparently, I learn better with a compilation of physical examples and hearing the voice of the teacher xP I asked her to give me creative writing assignments, since we cannot afford writer's classes elsewhere! Daddy suggested that I major in hairdressing at Regency Beauty Institute.... and maybe after that, I can aim for an associates' degree in English/Creative Writing and Music maybe in Converse....

Guitar: Still worth the $100, I have been spending more time on Aislin than ever! Maybe still not as much as I should but, alright... I understand the chords, I understand the guitar, Aislin is like the other piece of my heart the dream I couldn't find--until now!I have major plans for my music! I definitely plan to at least go to converse the go for a 2-year scholarship with it! (\0v0/) LET'S GO! 15 minutes a day to practice Aislin and get to know my baby! <33

Writing: Wow.... since January 20th, I barely had any distractions from TWA.... I'm still writing it, apparently, I'm on Chapter Four, now! Whoooaa...... 45 pages on google docs now! The story is unfolding well, also am outlining each chapter as I go along! Doing commitment training from Jan. 20th-Feb 19th! Wrote around about 9k in the story from Jan 20th to the present.... the first couple of commitments 3k by the 23rd and 7k by 27th(else I'd have been doing Aric's dishes and mum's clothes) was done by the 22nd and then I was to have 10k by the 28th, 12k by Feb 1st and 14k by Feb 3rd(else I'd be rendering-actually, have rendered dark music-- Writing 1500 words in my late short story, iShrunk, and vacuuming my Gramma's house!) No more commitments like that for quite sometime, siiiigh.... Here's a snippet of iShrunk to get ya guys interested:

Lillian carried Joyce into the room and allowed her to go on the floor. Joyce’s cheek blushed red.

“Hi, I am Joyce,” she waved to the couple who beamed at her.

“I am Jonathan Amos, and this is my wife, Nancy,” Mr. Amos knelt before her, and extended his index finger, “How do you do?”

Joyce took it and shook it.

“Now, I hear you’re an adventurous little girl!” Mr. Amos scooped her up in his hands and placed her on the arm of the couch.

“Yeah,” Joyce stared warily at Mr. Amos.

“I used to be the same way, attack a snake and kill it, and I felt like a hero!” he flexed what little muscle he had, bringing laughter to Joyce’s eyes.

“Oh, Jon! Don’t fill silly ideas into the girls head!” Nancy hit his arm playfully.

Mr. Amos leaned over and whispered in Joyce’s ear, “Even if she won’t admit it, she fell in love with me after I saved her from a rattlesnake.”

Joyce giggled at Mr. Amos.

“I know what you’re telling her, Jon! The rattlesnake wasn’t even attacking!” Mrs. Amos laughed.

“May I correct you on one thing when the head is reared up, it’s preparing to attack! You had invaded its space too much!” Mr. Amos nudged his wife’s arm.

Joyce giggled, “I think we’re gonna get along perfectly!”

“That’s good,” Marian smiled, as though she was glad for Joyce’s first major triumph in life.

Beads: I began this small, and will be starting officially(hopefully) in March or April! I think I have the talent! xD I can start w/ kid's jewelry then work my way up to paper beads then a little more up to metal and wooden beads!

Blog: I am going back to being the Nutty Sundae.... it seems for too long I was trying to be someone else.... I liked being the nutty sundae, it seemed more honest so THERE! Goodbye Celtic stuff haha! xD

~Mari J. Fahel w/ her Nutty Sundae and Platypus named Cuddles!

P.S. This explains my entire January:

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