25 January, 2018

"With eyes wide open Ooh Ooh Ooh Won't let fear hold my heart back This is my resolution Won't follow the ghosts of my past"

The Lyrics In The Title Came From... 


Well I know it's way late for my New Years' post.... but HELLUU 2018!!! 2017 was a hell of a year... and when I say that... it isn't positive. Whew.... Since it's completely behind me, and it is no longer news.... I am willing to open up about a few harsh points of 2017 that I didn't say for a longer time....


Yes, you read that right... I was arrested. Phewy... I did something I truly regret and shoplifted. Was taken to jail and endured a week there, and from then on, I resolved to never do that again. But the full year was spent doing PTI and working to clear my name. From December-January 15th I crunched in a lot of hours for community service, plus yesterday I did my last step and did my drug test.... And now it's all behind me.

Review of 2017...

God has been there for us in ways I can't describe... But now that 2017 is over, I can't help but be glad.... You all know that I was kicked out of Merge in January 2017, you all know that through my depression during the past few months, I was cut off by Eli, and my shame from being arrested and the shame from Merge weighed me down considerably and I needed extra help from friends but was unable to get it... Eli couldn't take it. And soon afterward, I would have lost Savannah too, for being unable to give her the help she needed, which she thought was selfishness... but it was just being too weak and burdened with my family, the work and shame of jail, and other important issues that went on and that's what ended the friendship.

I understand that her baby had died and she was fighting with her own legal stuff with her living children and trying to bring them back home.... but that isn't a reason to accuse her best and closest friend of selfishness when she also is weak from her own fight. Anyhow, my father and I have had a horrid time at it, thus we have worked to get me out of the house, with my roommate, Suzanne (who returned after a bad situation in South Africa, which I'm glad for). Well, now, after his own abuse, and fight mental and spiritual war, Aric will, too, be my roommate. Which helps all three of us at once (not to mention, my mum, daddy, and Aneira will finally have the place to themselves with our new cat, Sebastian)

Cats, kittens, and no more please!

First off, lemme tell ye I absolutely love cats. And they will always be my favorite pets. But, there's gotta be a line. I'm turning into my Aunt Julie! lolz! So, first of all Suzanne and I were outdoors, hanging out in the screened-in porch... and we heard a meow. Turning around, I saw this cute little black and white kitten (perhaps a few months old) right through the screen who was crying for help. Mind you, by this time it's winter and this poor baby was completely abandoned. I opened the screen door and he ran around the porch to the door and leapt in my arms as if I were his mama. And started kneading muffins on my chest. Later, we were preparing to take him to the humane society but it was night and Friday, which meant we'd have to wait for two days... by the time it was time to take him though, he melted the entire family's heart and stayed. Beorn and Kaitra didn't like it very much, but such is life.

Within weeks, though Beorn passed away. Breaking the heart of everyone in the house.... It was quick and out of nowhere. He collapsed and we had to rush him to the vet, but were too late. (RIP 11/16/2017 </3 :'( ) Sebastian (our new kitty) helped fill the void, left behind by Beorn which was a wonderful thing we were given by God's mercies. Something we didn't have when Galadrial had to be put down....

Later, however, Suzanne and I were, again, hanging out on the screened-in porch and we heard a loud meow and cry. This time, it came from clear across the street and way into a school's ground. We ran over there and there was a small ginger kitten, barely old enough to be separated from his mother (5 weeks maybe). I called daddy and we prepared to take him to the humane society... but something else came up.... it happened to be December 23rd... and nighttime, so we'd have to wait three days... but this time he melted up Suzanne's heart and now he's coming with us. Which is very good for both of them. I haven't seen her so happy in a long time <3

Place Found, Date Chosen

So now, we found a great refurbished 3-bedroom apartment for $1100. And the things that come with living there are awesome! (A fitness center, bark park, walking trail, on-site managment, car care center, pool, courtyard, on-site maintenance, fire pit, laundry facilities, outdoor kitchen recycling, bbq/picnic area, bike racks, playground, business center, and clubhouse.)

We also are gonna move there Feb. 3rd! So nine more days until my new life and freedom! I also think once I finish moving in there, I will finish up my last subject in homeschool.... That is my Algebra 1. So, soon I truly WILL get a new page. And I will work to keep it that way!


With all that said, I'd like to request that y'all go visit LIGHTforMI's Instagram to see daily updates to my life. It's gonna be a great time, I believe!

Well, that's it! This is Ari Fab-in' out!

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