10 July, 2016

....and I've returned....yet again!

Hello, y'all! I'm back! Lately I've had to come to the library to post, as mention before in my last post. And since it's so blooming hot this summer in South Carolina (it got to 101 degree Fahrenheit on Friday) I'd prefer to come here only two times a week (Friday for Celebrate Recovery and Sunday for Merge!) Anyhoo, I said I had plenty to update y'all on, and because of this I am kinda breaking my usual layout on blogposts...

So, where to start? January of this year I began going to Celebrate Recovery and since then I've built my support group. The church that it was held in was First Baptist Spartanburg and so, I learned that there was also a college group that met Sunday evenings (that would be Merge). March of this year I started going there big time and making great new friends.

I went to the library a lot during the Autumn, Winter and Spring and went to a meeting for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and told them of my ministry for mental illness and they began to team up with us. Mum has been going on training meetings and they have a few for myself as well. Through this opportunity, I do hope that LIGHTforMI will get a little more well known.

Art, music and writing has become a huge deal in my life, especially now. And practicing it seems to make me better and better at it. I am often setting challenges for myself and have also decided to start writing all things with my left hand rather than my right. Daddy and my brother have taught me how to shoot (daddy's teaching me archery, Aric's teaching me slingshots and pellet guns hehe!) And I'm picking up new hobbies!

It's been a very eventful year and I wish one post was enough to explain all of it... but I will update/catch up with all of you later, definitely! You see, the library closes at 6pm and I want the rest of this hour for other things, and I gotta get to Merge around 6:30! Peace out y'all! Rock on~! Buh bye!

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