Her passion and imagination was so vast and so wild, it came curling from the top of her head ~M.J. FAHEL MCKIMZEY | I'm a brave ragamuffin princess raised in SC! Bookdragon, Blogger, Vlogger Scriptsmith, Artisan ,&; Bard for Christ.


"The words "Jesus Freak" were first coined in the late sixties, when hippies became part of a new revival, the Jesus Movement. It was a time when music, poetry, and an open expression for Jesus Christ turned a new generation on to God. It merged rock and roll with Gospel message, a wave we're still riding today known as contemporary Christian Music. It infused the Church with the arts. It shook up conventional worship. And, due to its "in your face" approach, it had a backlash. The rest of the world called these over-zealous young people "Jesus Freaks" as a derogatory term. But decades later a new generation is embracing that same passion for expression."--Kevin Max "Jesus Freaks" by: dcTalk and the VOTM

I'm a short, clumsy, and complete zany contradiction. I tend to enjoy a little adventure, and imagination with anything and everything I do. I began writing as a hobby to relay ideas on script when I was 12 years old. I always enjoyed storytelling and expressing my imagination through stories. I also love music and I have loved it since before I could talk. It is the language I understand more than English... so, in light of that, I am learning to play guitar and Scottish tin whistle. Soon I want to get into percussion with recycled junk.

I was born and raised in Upstate South Carolina. I have a family of five in a small apartment on the westside of our town. We all are very creative, Mum is a website designer and the main provider of the house. She's starting back in college and collaborates with our ministry, LIGHT for MIDaddy is an artist and is working towards creating t-shirt designs, painting and preparing for an art show. And  my brother, Aric is a video game & lego builder, and a mighty fine cook. And my sister, Aneira is an artist and dancer. We have one cat Thorin Beorn-- King Under the Basket and he is the sweetest darn thing in the world!

I have been Confirmed into the Anglican Faith, and have a passion for Christ that keeps me in check. There are a many times where I was struggling to keep above the waves, and some of my old writings do reveal that struggle. But, I'm always coming back... I've been homeschooled for a while and am still in 12th grade in my early 20's. I hope to graduate very soon and then find my place in this life. I'm not sure where I want to go... However, I do have the dream to help other teens who have struggled like me, with depression and self-harm emphasizing the one message a lot of depressed teens normally overlook; "You are not alone."


--I Support ✡ The Holy Land ✡ ☮ The Peace Movement ☮ ✍ Local Artists/Authors ✍ ♪ Local Musicians ♫ ⚤ Biblical Marriage ⚤ † The Body of Christ † ☻ Kids w/ Special Needs ☺ 

 Celtic Christian, Reformed Protestant, Reformed Anglican, Calvanist, Trinitarian, 6-literal-day Creationist, Ragamuffin

Co-founder of LIGHTforMI: http://www.lightformi.com/
Founder of Ye Ragamuffin & Warrior Tavern: https://ragamuffinwarriortavern.blogspot.com/p/community-links.html
Host of Soundwaves of Love: [Coming Soon] https://discord.gg/2v9YNgG


My Filling
✔1tbsp Germanic
✔1tbsp Filipino
✔1tsp Gaelic
✔1/8tsp Hebrew
✔1/8tsp Cherokee
✔4cups American base
✔seasoned with sweet-spiced ambiversion
✔4lbs creativity
✔1/2tbsp pure imagination
✔2 1/2cups adventure
✔a dash of dreams
✔1cup genius
✔4lbs song lyrics

✔2 Timothy1:7

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